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    Hobby of reading novels - good or bad?

    Reading novels one hobby that takes you into world of fascination, amazement and excitement . There was a period when Novel reading was the only amusement and entertainment people had but time changed technology changed and people have so many things for their entertainment and pleasure.
    But still there are lot of people who prefer to read these novels not necessarily carrying heavy loads of these books like earlier times the passengers used to do but, today there are android phones which provides facility to read novels in Pdf format.
    This forum is solely about novel reading for entertainment not books which comes in syllabus. This hobby sometimes also turns into a addiction i.e, why interested to know the answer of the question I have raised in the title of this forum.
    Do you consider reading novels good or bad?
    And if it is good what about those who gets addicted to this hobby?
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    First of those who like books, they find solace of reading anything and especially during the long journeys taking the help of novels is highly recommended. Suppose you are forced to travel alone on compulsions and does not have any relative or friends accompanying you, it is better to purchase some novels and read the same during the journey. While in journey you are likely to complete the entire novel study in one go. There is absolutely no disturbance from any one. If you have upper birth confirmed, better shift to the same and start reading the novel and let the journey prove to be enriching of good and varied knowledge.
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    Reading novels is good but only in one case if you take it as an entertainment. Most of the readers get addicted to it because they start inheriting the qualities in them by reading, that is not good. Even when we watch television it good to watch as fun but when you start inheriting the characters in you then you become addicted. So reading novel as entertainment is good but addiction to it is not advisable.

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    Name the most powerful weapon in the word? It's knowledge. And books are the transporters of knowledge. And knowledge can be quite addictive. You may ask what sort of knowledge will I get by reading a comic or a fictional story? As long as you feel you are learning something, ignore the source. I read a lot too. But my grades are pretty good. I can't say I'm a wise scholar and all, but I definitely can see things clearly now. All thanks to those beautiful yet intricate pieces of art.
    Learning to appreciate others' work, is the true knowledge.
    And novels propel your imagination to heights. They quite often make you creative and emotionally wise. I see no disadvantage at all. You may waste few days of your life, but again, who doesn't? Make those lost days count.

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    Reading novels and watching cricket is the time wasting exercise if someone is free and searching the occasion how to pass time, then it is ok to time pass entertainment gaining all criminal knowledge to become over smart. It an individual choice what he likes and do not likes. I do not read novel and watch cricket.
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    Reading is definitely a good habit – and by reading, I do mean novels. I am a voracious reader. My love for reading began when I was quite young. Both my parents used to read, particularly my mother. It was she who introduced my brother and me to great authors of her time. We had a huge collection of second-hand books at home that we would source from the 'kabadi bazaar' in Darya Ganj. Birthdays and Christmas meant new books of our favourite authors.

    My fascination with books continued post marriage since my husband is as passionate about books as I am. We now have a library, stacked with books, of different genres, ranging from classics to books written by modern authors.

    Reading definitely relaxes, entertains and educates. A book can be picked up and put down at one's convenience. I am in the habit of reading every day, especially before hitting the bed. In fact, there is always a book on my bedside table. There was a time when I'd recommend books and authors to my daughter. Now, she suggests what we should read.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    I have been an extremely voracious reader since my childhood thanks to my parents and some other relatives, and my reading speed is really good. This is due to a peculiar system prevalent in Kolkata during my school and college days, which was 'rent a book @ Re. 1/- per day'. I used to take books on rent and try to return those books within one day.

    The reading habit has helped me a lot and is helping me everyday. Not only I have learnt many new things from novels, short stories, travelogues and poems, my reading speed has also helped me in my work and also in higher studies.

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    Reading is always a good habit. Novels keep us engrossed in the plot or story and makes the reading progress. Well written novels transpose us to those situations as if we are the characters in them. Novels also carry the social situation of that time and geographical area. Hence they also serve as history archives and give us knowledge. They also reveal to us the state of mind of various types of people at various situations. Exposure to good novels can help us to be prepared face certain similar situations or avoid certain pitfalls. However on need to be conscious to choose good books that may not be spoiling our character and values-or at least able to separate chaff and grain.

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