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    Tiruthani Murugan temple - with 365 steps this temple coincides with 365 days in a year

    Those who visit the famous Murugan temple at Tiruthani, one of the six great Subramanya swamy temple series is known for the great hill and total 365 steps to reach the sanctum sanctorum and that coincides with the total number of days in a year. So those who want to have their best time the whole year they have the strong belief that , they would visit this temple and by lighting one camphor on each step they would be blessed with lots of positive news and success in every endeavor. Are you aware of this fact, do you have any other temple which can be remembered on the new years day ?
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    It is a new information for me. But what would happen in a lip-year? A lip-year has 366 days. Does the temple management committee create an artificial step (in between) to signify leap-year?
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    In that case have a camphor lit at the main sactorum in front of the God. By the way we are not concerned about leap year.
    K Mohan
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    It is really a news to me, mohan sir! I have not counted the stairs, though I went there more than ten times. Similarly the stairs in number 60 of the Swamimalai Temple, Tamilnadu (This is also Murugan Temple,situated near Kumbakonam of Tanjore district)has been written with names of all Tamil years like Dhurmukhi,Manmatha, Sobakrithu, Subakrithu,Bhava etc., Such thinks makes us to think or probe the idea of our elders behind it.
    @587169 partha sir, probably they meant the 366th day is the day we are reaching God and the idea behind this may be -as only for four years only the leap year is coming, the chance of reaching God is also rare to Human birth without proper effort.

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    I have not visited Tiruttani temple. This information will be helpful when I visit.

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    I am not aware of this information though I have visited multiple times. Thanks for the information.

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    I have visited Thiruthani numerous times, I was not aware of this fact earlier. I have heard of step festival, but was not sure of the mythology between that a step representing a day of year.
    Thanks for the information Mohan. I will share the same with others.

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    This is the greatness of this site A small information known to a member when shared with others becomes important and useful and that adds to their knowledge base.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr Mohan
    Did you count the 365 Steps yourself or is it a hearsay? Any way, it is a new and good information to me. I know that there are 18 steps to reach Lord Sree Ayyappa of Sabari hills after crossing the tough and rogh hill terrain.

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