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    Family feud in political parties in India has become a mockery of democracy

    In India except few political parties like BJP, AIADMK and AAP, other parties are heavily depending on their children or the relatives as the legal heir next to the leader. In some parties there was a vacuum as to who will take over the charge in the absence of main leader. The recent happenings in AIADMK was the testimony. Likewise the transfer of power is going to be tricky even in DMK as the main leader Karunanidhi is going to give his legacy to Stalin much to the annoy of his another son Alagiri. Even in Congress they cannot think of others ruling the party and thus in most of the parteis the family feud was evident with the recent being in Samajwadi party.
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    This family feud is not because of any ideological reason. This fight is only to have a greater share of power. Shame on Indian politicians who claim to be the servants of people. The deegeeneeration of politics in India is overwhelming.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    When there is love and nepotism towards the 'family', however large and extensive it is, there is bound to be jealousy and quarrel.

    But if power and pelf are distributed pleasing all, such quarrels can be covered like fire is smothered. Ultimately that will happen.

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