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    A unique get together on New Year Day.

    This New year day witnessed a unique function at Edappally, Kochi. More than thirty people gathered here near the tomb of great poet Changampuzha Krishna Pillai who became very popular because of a poem, "Ramanan" (????), written by him. Malayalam knowing people were running to get a copy of the book. Those who could not get copied the poem in their notebooks. Several reprints came out within a short period. The title of the book was the name of the hero of the love story depicted in that pastoral elegy. Those who were attracted to this work chose the name "Ramanan" as the name for their children. Thus several kids of that period carried the same name, "Ramanan". This book was first published 80 years back. So most of the Ramanans are aged now.
    These aged people were gathering here. They came from different places.
    Perhaps this is a very rare get together. It invited more attention when they gathered near the tomb of the poet who wrote the poem.
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    Why are we Indians crazy to celebrate the English New Year Day? Why not the People from Kerala, the God's own country, celebrate this ' Ramanan' day on Chithirai (Medam 1st) which is the Malayalam New Year Day, an ideal day for celebration?
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    This is the unique and important information shared by the author. In those days some writers and poets really mesmerized the society to such extent that they connected their works with the content and thus become ardent fans. May be great poet Changampuzha Krishna Pillai's Ramanan was highly impressive and it was well received. As suggested by Sun I am also of the opinion that when Kerala has such illustrious persons of the past they can celebrate their birthday and name it as their day so that younger generation would be highly benefited through their works and the legacy would follow on.
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    Attention seeking events are common nowadays. So people are on the look out to bring out more novel and unique events, whether they may be important or silly.

    The case mentioned in this thread was also like that. It was a gathering of all those who had the names of the main character of a famous poem story. All those namesakes(Ramanan) assembled at the memorial of the poet. I did not find it anything remarkable. The modern day film promos all use similar marketing tricks. Sometime ago there was a meet of all twins, who also married twins.

    I don't know who benefitted from the event of meet of Ramanan s. There was just one coincidence. One of the couple had the names of the hero and heroine of the book.

    The elders may feel some nostalgia, because the poetic work was based on a real time event(tragedy of love) happened to the friend of the poet, and it was one of the early romantic works and as such influenced the youth of that time. Those who grew reading and hearing that work will be having a nostalgia now. which includes me also.

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    I feel so sorry that I spent much time to summarise the event and type into this site
    I wrongly believed that there will be somebody who might be interested in such not so common function. I expected some positive remarks from the readers. Sorry for this post if it is not worthy

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    I agree with author that is really unique in the sense getting together of some common thing will be difficult and rare.

    When I see the content of the post it reminds me of a gathering of one event in Chennai when one famous jewellery called all the persons with the same name of the jewellery about 10 years back and the same shop again called with same age of members of the shop's age. These are all some unique ideas one has to think first. I really liked the idea of the one who initiated and thought first. Sometimes when we feel it happy may not be felt by others and even I have seen in some of my threads when I thought it is a happy feeling but I would get only these sort of responses.

    People like me even feel happy if I came to know the same name of mine and a recent one is the character name in the film 'Thodari' is same as mine and initially I was not interested to see the movie but after sometime when I listened to a Kerala Channel's interview with the artist and came to know that the character name is mine, I just watched that movie for that sake.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Mr Sankaran,
    This is purely a time pass activity with no good to the organizers or the participants. It serves no purpose, I would say and you would agree.

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