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    Training cum Job Offers?

    I came across some of the ads on the newspaper and the online sites. It was about telling the fresh graduate that the institute trains and gives them job. And once the student joins for training program, they just get the money out and keep the student out of loop for job. Most of such courses have very low quality education offered. Mostly the power-point slides and random chit chat. And the practicals offer no real life training. Projects if offered are nothing but demo projects already found on web.

    It seems such institutes are quite popular with names too. Some of the times they do recommend their students to some job ads. But it seems that the offers being sent by the institute often won't help the students.

    Do you think this "training cum job offer" is a scam?
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    Yes Mahesh I agree with you that some gullible companies are taking undue advantage of the unemployed youth by promising windfall salary job for which they have to undergo training with them. To satisfy you they even show the testimonials and personal reports of certain members who have qualified and got employment with big companies with fat salaries. So by getting carried away with that proof, some students join those fly by night tuition or coaching centers and they get nothing in return. The amount spent on the so called training is not refundable and to that effect a bond would be agreed upon between the coaching center and the student. Now having wasted money and time and not getting the job, the frustrated student would go for other opportunities and thus innocent students are taken for a ride. Beware of such coaching centers.
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    Training Cum Job offers are a absolute scam, where they cheat number of fresh graduate's with their marketing skills. Some institutes say they will provide 100% job at the end of training or else money will be paid back and with that students believe that these institutes are legit and put their money and efforts in training. But actually what do is after giving training which is like mostly from poor faculty and facility. Then they will tell the address of the small companies which and all has opening and ask us to attend the interview there. After providing some 5 to 6 interview locations, they are telling like its your mistake that you were not able to do good and get selected in the interviews. Or like you technical skills are good but presentation and language is not good. we could retrain on that, if you are willing to pay for that. There the students gets to know all these days we were scammed and politely rejects the offer and comes out of the institute. Like this many innocent students are fooled everyday all over the India where job is a social status for the middle and lower class people.
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