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    Do 'kshmaya Dharitri' quotation is apt to earth?

    There is a Sanskrit proverb 'kshmaya Dharitri' means have a patience like earth. We all knew that the earth gives us a space to live, but the earth will lose patience quite often and it will show anger in the form of earthquakes, gas blowouts as a result large or bulk people will die in those tragedic incidents. If the earth has a real Patience why these things are happening? Do 'Kshmaya Dharitri' quote is apt for the earth. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question
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    Wow what a nice quote brought in to limelight by the author. Yes earth is the epitome of silence and patience to the core. Many God has said that earth is the place where in even the sin is allowed to be done but the same sin is practiced again and again the persons would be punished. Earth has been so kind enough to us and it has been silently taking into stride the bad things committed by us the the God will also keep quite unless and until the sin gets over and over again and that would be the end of the day and Pralay will come again that would wash every one to the brink of death.
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    Yes, the quote is right. Just think about the torture the Mother Earth is getting from humans. No words can describe that.
    Does the Mother Earth retaliate or take revenge or punish the humans the way actually deserve ? No. Earth behaves just like the tolerant mother on whom the child does all antics and exercise and when the pain goes extremely intolerable, the mother nudges it lightly. The earthquakes, floods and hurricanes are just such small signals Mother Earth telling us that it pains her.
    Can you compare it with the way humans take vengeance on each other? Even for just not getting a balance of one rupee, or the lady love not ready for marriage, or one leaving one party and joining another party etc. etc. people kill or maim. Humans do not have sufficient tolerance. But Mother Earth tolerates everything patiently undergoing all the pains meted out to her.

    That is why it is rightly said 'Kshamaya Dharitri"., For patience the best example to show is Earth.

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    #588502 what is the relation between earth and floods, hurricanes. Can you elaborate? I knew there is a relation between earth and earthquakes, gas blowouts....
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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