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    Musings of a convoluted mind: Who will punish the media?

    Irrespective of the TRP, should our media be more responsible? Aren't the laws or dictum binding on them? Why should they try to create news? Let us discuss the role of the media and also whether they need to be socially responsible.

    Just now I was listening to the news. The newsreader was announcing: "Samajwadi Party has announced the list of candidates for the coming Assembly election. The party has announced the names of (*) candidates. Out of (*) candidates, (x) are Muslims, (xx) are Yadavs, (xxx) are from Backward castes, (xxxx) are Brahmins, (xxxxx) are Rajputs,....." and so on. This is not an abnormal news-item. Every channel analyses the candidates of every political party in this manner.

    Only two weeks ago, the Supreme Court has strictly forbidden divisive use of religion, caste, community and language in elections. The political party and candidates found guiltty of this offence will be punished. But who will punish the media-people, who are analysing the candidates of every political party on the basis of community and religion? Aren't the media vitiating the enviornment? Why no action against them?
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    What ever the laws are enacted and what ever the court says, our politicians wont bend nor they try to refine themselves. Come elections , it is always fought under the mite of particular section of religion and there is no denial that. Though political parties say that they are against such divisive decision, but the fact would be out once you analyze the list of candidates. And the media cannot be blamed here. They are just pinpointing the loop holes in our laws. That means orders can be passed but who is going to penalize the parties which goes against the verdict of courts.
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    Mr. Mohan: Is it just the media 'are pinpointing the loopholes in our laws'? What is the need of giving break-up of candidates based on religion, caste or community?
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    All political parties in India are selecting candidates based on religion / caste only. Ministries are formed not based on quality of the person but based on which religion / caste he/she belongs. Political parties doesn't see caste means, no need of reserved constituencies. We can't blame media only in this matter.

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    Mr. Suresh Kumar: The Supreme Court has directed that if vote is sought on the basis of religion/caste/language, the candidature is liable to be cancelled. So, why shouldn't be similar provision for media-people?
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    Partha, please do not reply to each and every response. Let us have some gap!
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    Mr. Ganesh, I would be grateful if you kindly let me know the so-called policy in this regard.
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    Surprisingly, I am seeing a Tamil Media playing a very sensible role here in state wide protest on Jallikattu ban by the youth and students. For that matter now entire state is in protest mode. Everywhere we can see a young ones with banner and slogans. Tamil News channels are covering the news from the protest epicenter - marina beach, where more than lakhs are gathered on support for Jallikattu.

    For the point on the divisive use of religion, caste, community and language in elections. Its because we expect them, when we apply for government job we fill our religion, caste and expects to get them on that basis. Same way Elections for Public (Government) servants has to be analyzed based on their vote bank from their caste, religion, deeds and place. I support media to some extent, not to extent of for TRP doing silly things and making everything a nonsense.

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    Hi all,
    The media has been influencing the nation and its people for quiet sometime now. They have been around for a long number of years and then again one must admit that it was the media that has bought out many news's that has both rocked and shocked the nation. It was them that recognised the fights of a few people and bought it to the nations front. It was them who builds up support for a moment and urges the government to see what the people really want.

    Today I was reading about how the American white house reporters (popularly known as press core) were reacting to the no media policy of the newly elected president, Donald Trump. They were clearly telling him that if they will be restricted from the White House, then they will find other ways to report about him. Most often these kind of things should be done by the media. The people of a nation has got the authority to know whats happening in their government.

    Thus media and the right of their reporting should be utilized for the betterment of the nation and not spent on wasting reporting silly things.


    Lets all try to create a better tomorrow for India.

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    Mr Partha at # 588780, since you seem to be particular about written rules, I suggest you to kindly refresh your memory by going though these guidelines. It may not answer your query exactly but the crux can be deduced if the inclination is there.

    Members are requested to carry on with the main thread.

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    Sorry, Mr. Ganesh (#588803) : I have read the guidelines carefully, but could not find anything which forbids me to post responses (except more than two consecutive responses). So, I conclude that there is no such policy.

    The interesting discussion must go on.

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    Partha, read my response at #588803 carefully and try to understand.
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    Same was with when Baujan samajwadi party announced their candidates. The way of division of seats and the manner it is announced it clearly seems like they are trying to attract the public on the basis of Religion and caste and trying to lure people. And people should give answer to such politics by the power they have the power of vote. People should make clear to the politicians that now Indians are educated and know the best for themselves and will not be lured by the caste and vote bank politics. Every common Indian wants development and that development for everyone not for a particular community, caste and religion.
    Our country may be diverse in various aspect but it has united in thoughts of development of country.
    There is a program on Rajyasabha tv or Lokshaba tv( I am a bit confused) named "Media Manthan" which talks about flaws and wrong ways media is using for Trp this program is really nice and raise all such topics about biased nature of media.

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    Ms. Joshi: Thanks for the information. I would definitely watch the programme "Media Manthan" on Rajya Sabha TV.
    Mr. Menon: The basic issue which I try to discuss in this thread is the fanning of religious and caste politics by Indian media and the need to check this tendency.
    Mr. Ganesh: I have not understood what you want to convey.

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    Saji is trying to convey the suggestion, as mentioned in the guidelines, that we should avoid making a forum thread look like a one-on-one chat session with each other unless really required, such as in threads where guidance is sought. You see, that guideline came up due to the tendency of a few members to merely get points for each & every such response.

    So what we suggest: Why not wait for a couple of responses to come in, gauge the varied views and then react back with your own views? We can understand if only one member has responded after, say a day, and you respond back to that one member. Otherwise do please wait so that the discussion that gets generated from various angles really sparks off interest to read & participate. Don't let a good topic which you come up with become a mere dialogue-type thread.

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    It is high time that media is reined and put under some control. Of late media is exceeding the Lakshmana Rekha. It now behaves as if it is now above judiciary, above legislature and above everything.
    In early days journalism was a self less mission, but now it is a business. Their aim is profit and profit enhancement. So they resort to every kind of tricks and sometimes stoop to low level dirty tricks.
    As journalism (media0 I now only a business, it should be dealt with as any other business and has to be under control of government, judiciary and society.

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    The Supreme Court has forbidden the political parties to seek votes using religion or caste in the elections. The media is not canvassing for any of the political parties. They are analysing the pattern of allocation of the seats by various political parties. I do not personally feel that the press is behaving in a responsible manner. The media itself has to regulate themselves without any interference from the Government.
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    Here is my thoughts regarding this. Gone are the days when the media were neutral and they were not influnced by any particular political parties or ethnicity. Now-a-days we find more and more news channels that are created by political parties to put across their agendas. Now, when one political party starts this practice, the others will follow suit.

    In the case of Kerala, it is easy to conclude which particular newspaper and television channel belongs to which party. Therefore the media has lost its transparency. The only agenda they are after right now is to follow the political party that funds them to operate and boast about them.

    Now the case of caste and religion. I think that it is safe to say that every single religion has got their own political party in our country. It has even reached a situation where even subcasts have started making their own parties. Thus automatically the newspapers and news channels that are connected with a political party are indirecty connected with the religion or caste that it supports which in turn gives them the right to express their views be it political and religion. The fact that these media's are the brainchild of parties gives them the loophole protection from the rule that religion and caste shouldn't be mentioned at the time of election.


    Lets all try to create a better tomorrow for India.

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    So, there is no definite conclusion in this regard. Who will punish the media? If the media cannot self-regulate, then Government has to use the whip (yes, whip!).
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    What is the wrong doing of media in the issue raised in this thread? Why should media be punished? Media is very important in a democracy. Suggesting that the Government should use it's power to control the media is a ridiculous suggestion. The public are free to watch or read the media reports and form their opinion in any matter. The Judiciary is there to punish if there is any wrong doing by the media.
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    Media is most powerful and important in any democratic country and if they are biased in their programs just for TRP and cheap popularity it is a unfortunate situation. In any democracy 'Free Press' is the key word. Press should be very responsible and honest in its broadcasts otherwise not only the people of the country will be misled but also the crooked and corrupt will take advantage.
    So political parties will have to change their conduct and should come above caste and religion. They should select the candidates based upon performance and capability so that if they win they should be able to contribute for the nation and not only for their area population.
    If press plays a mischief one can definitely go for defamation suit. But one has to be honest and clean before going to court.
    In the present system politicians as well as press both are misusing and manipulating the information. For punishing media good governance is a prerequisite which is not there.

    Knowledge is power.

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