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    Electors should be intelligent enough

    Politicians are intelligent enough.They divide us on the basis of castes and creeds.They make us fool.
    They accumulate wealth too much for themselves.They show men power.Why should n't the system of voting change.Why should n't electors choose a candidate ,who is sensible and committed to bring changes in the region he belongs.
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    Well it is a common issue with democracy.We live with a government that hides truth.We are in illusion that power vests with us. I don't think of democracy as an ideal government.
    Aristocratic,autocratic and bureaucratic governments did well too. But after the success of American democracy in 18th century people started following it as an ideal government system. That is not entirely true. There is a senate in USA. We too have Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha but Senate is a more powerful system. Actual power vests with the senators.
    Libya flourished under Gaddafi's dictatorship.
    Germany too actually flourished under Hitler's dictatorship.
    I'm not asking Indians to adopt Dictatorship over Democracy. What I'm saying is that no system is good or bad. Leaders need to change their style every now and then.
    An absolute dictatorship is always better than a flawed democracy.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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