One day @ a mall in Goa - It was New and would need 'Anew' :)

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Babies are a boon from God, as everyone would agree. As they grow through, every phase is a new experience for parents and one such is being shared below:

It was on a New Year eve, that a family comprising of mom, dad, their one year old baby boy and kid's grandma decided to hang out and spend some quality time. As it was a special day, they decided to head to temple first and then to the movie 'Dangal'. After paying obeisance to God, they rushed to a restaurant for their breakfast and then got into the huge multiplex. The kid was uncontrollably elated and was happy as a sandboy to see such a huge space for taking his tiny steps. Well, the real game of chase for mom started now.
Entire family entered the huge dimly lit black room that had great acoustics setup. The moment the movie started getting screened, those deafening decibel curbed the kid's joy. Mom had to grin and bear the brunt of getting such a naughty kid to the movie and had to head out. The teary-eyed kid till then, suddenly seemed bright eyed and bushy tailed once he was out of that dark room. Again started the game of chase for mom who wished if she could have eyes on her back, side and on top of the head. The kid was off giggling around the entire 4 floors of huge mall, while the poor mom was running around to catch him. However, in between mom got some breaks as the kid peeped into all retail outlets to say a big 'Hi' waving his hands so adorably to all sales guys and the shoppers. The kid confiscated few balloons as well from stalls in the mall to ensure mom does a complete workout for those excess calories. 2 hours had passed by then and he got a tad tired to bring in a sigh of relief for mom.
Oh wait ! No, he actually wanted to be driven around through the trolley kept at Big Bazaar now and the procession continued for yet another hour until dad and grandma returned to rescue Mom.

The proud mom was none other than 'Myself' and
The naughty kid was 'My own son' :)

And mom feels so blessed for missing out the movie to get such a lovely new experience and would like to experience anew. :)