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    How can you make a slow horse fast?

    When I ask this question, you may be confused as to what exactly I am asking about. This is all about "Homographs". Homographs are words that have the same spelling but different meaning. They may or may not be pronounced similarly.

    Let me provide an example for a Homograph with its meanings.

    Lead- we read it as "LEED" which means to go first with followers behind. The other meaning, a metal and we read it as"LED".

    Can you now guess the answer to my question "How can you make a slow horse fast?" Let us share more such homographs.
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    Mallela Jyothi,
    Without reading the summary of your thread, but only with the title of the thread, I would say that we should feed one or two large pegs of Rum to the horse to make it fast from slow.

    I would say that your thread title has no relevance to the thread summary.

    No life without Sun

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    Fast is a Homograph with many meanings. In your question, the word implies moving speedily. Fast, also means to go without food.

    So, you can make a slow horse fast, by stopping its feed.

    What a brilliant and educative thread you have posted. Well done. You made intelligent use of the title, to add a twist to your thread. Great work. Keep it up. Don't let cynical criticism discourage you.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    I am not going in to the details of your content which is connected to English grammar, but I am certainly impressed with your title. Normally a horse is not considered a lazy animal and it ls born to run and run only. I have never seen a horse walking patiently. We the human being are making the animal slow and lazy. The other day one horse being carried in a small truck probably for a Bharaath procession. The horse was feeling uncomfortable on a vehicle and it is seeing with surprise as the things are moving and it is staying static with tied rope. Having gone impatient the horse started to behave strangely and started to disturb the attention of the driver. The driver has to stop the vehicle and pacify the horse. What I mean to say here that the basic quality of a horse is to run and we the human beings are responsible for its laziness attitude. This is the real fact and response to the question.
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    Animals don't fast like human beings. Moreover, not feeding a horse is not to keep the horse fasting, but a crime that we make a horse to starve and deny its food. PETA like organisation would oppose it.

    As it is, the horse is already slow due to its fast (not fed properly) Why should the horse be made to fast? Is it for the horse to die?

    Though an intelligent title, is it to get the answer - stop its feed? only

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    Members should note that this has been posted in the 'Improve Your English' category of the forum and is encouraging members to use their mind to come up with similar homographs. Use it as an intelligent learning lesson, not as a thread to post inane responses about literally feeding or not feeding a horse. If you cannot come up with an intelligent response with a homograph, then please at least refrain from taking it off track.
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    Let me give it a try. Would this be a sentence with a homograph: It is difficult to find an affordable insurance policy which would not be considered invalid for an invalid.

    Also, can somebody please elucidate the difference between homographs, homophones and homonymns? I am a little vague about these 3.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    My 3 try.
    Can't we bear the fear created by a bear?
    I have to house a horse in my house as I am a horse lover.
    The BEST buses of Mumbai are the best buses.

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    Mr. Sun, thanks for coming up with such good examples. If people don't read the content, then forum can be just like question and answers. Please give it a rethought. Thanks!

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    My next 3 homographs.
    1.This girl is fat because she has lot of fat.
    2.This is the last piece that will last long.
    3.His father did not write his will on his own will before his death.

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