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Confused about the payment process for your cash credit earnings at ISC? Check out the detailed instructions in this forum thread for guidance.
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    Instructions on how to get payment from IndiaStudyChannel.com

    Whenever the monthly payment is announced by our Webmaster Timmy Sir, there will be a query from somebody about the payment procedure. Yes, we do have a Help Topic page about payments but there is a reason why I am initiating this thread to explain things with more detail. It seems members see their name at the main credit page and get puzzled about why they have not got payment.

    So let me explain:
    1. At this page is the main list of credits. Here, you will see the amount credited to a member's account as per the contributions made and the earnings acquired from those contributions.

    2. At the above mentioned page, you will see a drop-down list next to 'Award Type'. From this list, select 'Cash Payment'. You will then see this page. It is here that you will see the entire list of members who are eligible for payment. If you click on the numbers at the bottom of the page, you can see the next pages and check those too if your name comes there.

    3. If your name does appear in the list of eligible payees, then only you will see the words "XYZ month Cash Payment" in the middle column of 'Award' (as also the Invoice number.) These words will have a clickable link, which will then take you to the 'Reward Details' page where you will see how much payment you can claim, the Invoice ID no. and other details. Over there, you will see a link to the Help Page which explains the payment process and also gives a link to the sample invoice that you need to download.

    4. Download that invoice (it is in MS-Word format) on your PC. Fill it up with all details. Save it on your PC. Then go back to the page where the payment is (the clickable link page) and scroll down to see "Update payment status, post queries about this payment or upload invoice". Here, there is a box where you can mention "Sir, Please see attached invoice toward payment of XYZ month". Upload the invoice via the 'Choose file' button. Click on 'Add Details'. That's it. Once Webmaster Timmy Sir credits the amount to your Bank, you will get an email alert about it and can verify it from your Bank.

    A simple way of knowing whether or not you are an eligible payee is to click on the 'Gifts and Awards' tab at your profile page. Over there, if you are an eligible payee then you will see, for example this:
    01 Feb 2017 - Cash Payment : XXX amount (January 2017 Cash Payment, Invoice# _____)
    and next to it the word 'Details'. This word is a clickable link which will take you to the page of 'Reward Details' where you can see the payment amount, etc.

    1. If you have set a limit for the payout, then even if you are eligible for the payment, you will not receive the payment till you reach that payout level which you yourself fixed.

    2. You can use the cancel button if you feel you have made some error in the invoice (such as a wrong date or invoice number or bank account detail) and need to fix it. However, once you click on 'Add Details', you cannot then delete the uploaded invoice there. In such a case, what you can do: Put a note in the box "Sir, please ignore the previous invoice and see this fresh invoice" and then upload the correct invoice.

    3. You should be getting these 3 email alerts if you are an eligible payee: payment being announced for you, invoice being uploaded by you, payment transaction being successfully credited to your bank account.

    3. If the payment has been announced over a weekend or just before a major public holiday, please be patient to receive the email alert of a payment.

    Please post all your queries related to invoices and payments in this thread. If you have not received any previous payment, post it separately in the problems/complaints category of the forum.
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    A valid thread to the novice members of ISC.
    I would recommend and add the following: Please keep the invoice (in MS words) filled by you on your desktop. So that, you need not download the invoice again when you get your next payment. Just alter the invoice number, date and amount, and upload it as required.

    No life without Sun

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    Thank U Mam,
    So helpful thread for new ISC members like me. Is there any minimum payout level in this site. Can I set the limit?

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    For a new member this is the right tutorial as to how to receive the payment from ISC through the member bank account. Once Invoice is uploaded also respond in the cash reward announcement thread to confirm having sent the invoice.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Thank u mam for clearing my doubts. I had so many confusions in withdrawing the amount. After reading your thread my confusions got clear.

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    With reference to your query in #590150: Though the Webmasters have stated here that the minimum payout amount is Rs 1000, this will vary. For those getting payment for the first time, it is usually Rs.300 or Rs.350. Payment issued depends on a number of things, especially the month's earnings accrued by the site through various avenues. This means that it is possible that fewer or more members than usual get eligible for payment.

    As for setting the limit, you can refer to this Help topic to hold your payment . I suggest that you spend some time to go through all the Help topics for a better understanding of the various reward programs, features and other aspects of ISC.

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    Thanks for sharing Information on how to get payment from IndiaStudyChannel. Generally every member received email after announce payment and upload invoice on ISC.
    Phagu Mahato
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    As per the site I have a cash credit of about Rs.412/-. But so far I have not received even a single rupee from the channel. Whom and how to contact?
    always confident

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    Welcome back Dr.Srinivas. Good to see you after a long time and hope you would continue here with your good contributions in various sections.

    As verified from your Dashboard, you have been announced with cash payment of Rs.300 vide Invoice# ISC-10928 on 1st Sept 2010. You could have uploaded the invoice then to get the amount credited in your account. No issue. Please continue your contributions now and once you reach the payment level of Rs.600/- (which is now short of another Rs.188/-), your name would be announced in the next payment announcement by WM. Still you want the payment of Rs.300/-, then you have to raise the said invoice and we would take up the matter with the WM.


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    Thank you Mr. Jagadish for your reply. I will wait to reach Rs.600/- level. Can you please advise me how to raise an invoice.
    always confident

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    Thank You Vandana mam,
    As per your suggestions I sent my invoice and my first payment get credited in my bank account. I am so much excited and interested about devoting more time in this site..

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    What is the minimum payout? Is it 1000 Rupees , 600, 350 or 300? Does this payout includes both Cash Credit and Adsense Revenue?
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    1. For first time payees, the payout could be Rs.300 or Rs.350. It is generally fixed, but, sometimes, the Webmasters may fix it at a higher level as per the revenue generated by the site. Same is the case with other members. Please refer to this thread on the minimum payout threshold .

    2. Any payment of a month to an eligible payee includes all earnings of the member accrued through contributions and awards, including contest prizes and the monthly revenue share bonus which is given to the top 20 contributing members. In case the member is not eligible, the earnings are carried forward to the next month and further forward too as the case may be.

    3. The AdSense revenue sharing program is associated with your ISC account (that is, you get earnings from your posts here), but is in no way part of the payment given by the Webmasters. That payment is given independently of ISC by Google when you reach their minimum payout level of $100.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

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    Thanks Ma'am for the clarification. I've been a member since 2013 but didn't recieve a single payment yet. Now, my cash credit is ?271 which is at the average to reach my minimum payout ?300. However, I have an issue with downloading payment invoice and uploading because I'm contributing from mobile. Downloading is possible but filling up the invoice form with my bank's account no. credentials is almost impossible for me without PC.

    Can I still recieve payments? Our Pradhant Mantri has introduced a digital payments where one can sent payments to registered mobile no (payment address or UPI). that is asscociated to one's bank account no. With a limit of max ?5000 at one transaction without any transfer charges.
    The exanple payment address is: 1234567891@UPI
    The ten digits is the RMN that is associated with the bank a/c no. and UPI is the extension for Digital Banking. Anyone with any ordinary mobile can access to his/her Bank account by dailing *99# USSD Code.

    This is only my opinion since I can't fill up and upload the invoice, I naturally assummed this would be the best option for me and for all without any charges.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    John Deo,

    We will look into your suggestions and will consider mobile digital payment options in future. As of now, we please take help from some friends who can share a computer with you for the purpose of uploading an invoice.

    Tony John
    Webmaster - IndiaStudyChannel.com

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    Thank you Webmaster. I have fill up the required and uploaded the invoice. I'll be glad if you review my the uploaded the invoice in my payment page. I have given our neighbor's bank informatio
    n and address.

    Once again, thanks for the input.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Tony Sir, I have registered with IndiaStudyChannel.com through John Deo referral link but I haven't receive any validation email from ISC. Most of our colleagues who have gmail have the same problem. It is taking ages to receive validation from isc. Help me. I cannot post in forum or start a new thread. The validation page is frustrating for me. I also clicked the resent validation link but no email is receiving. Help please.

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    Thankyou Vandana for providing the instructions on how to receive the payments here. This information is very useful for all the new members and gives guidelines for receiving the payments.

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    I am a student and enrolled for information.I can't understand cash , payments in this isc.c an u explain me .

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    Akoba Phom,

    Your problem has been forwarded to the Webmasters. Please wait for their response.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Cash credits (what we call cc) are given in the various sections based on quality. Not everything you post, though, will get cash credits (such as in the forum, not all threads & responses will get cc). Please refer to our current payment programs and ongoing awards and reward programs.

    At the end of each month, if you reach the minimum payout level and your name appears in the list of eligibile payees as announced by Webmaster Timmy Sir, then you need to upload the completed invoice. Details of how to get payments is clarified in this thread's text itself. Please check all the related links provided.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Akoba Phom,

    If you are not receiving any emails from us, it is possibly because you have given a wrong email id there. I can't think of any other reason. Please double check your email id.

    Tony John
    Webmaster - IndiaStudyChannel.com

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    You want to receiving payment from indiastudychannel.com,It is Indian Education Website and provide good information related admission guidance to universities, colleges and schools in the country.Then you want to receiving payment to all student thru in our website.

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