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    In what is our dear Prime Minister good at, speech or delivery of work?

    We all very well know the fact that our PM is a good orator. His speech is normally full of examples of great personalities and the future work he want to do.

    Dear members, what do you like most? His speech only or do you think he should focus on its delivery?

    Share your views considering the experience of past 3 years.
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    Our Prime Minister Is a good orator as well as a great politician.He doesn't only believes in broadcasting speeches,but he also values how to broad cast and what to broadcast.He is a morally high intellectual.He doesn't involve in party politics play.He takes good steps for the development of India and its citizen.He has great personality to motivate the crowd.He draws participation of people towards national goals,these are praise worthy.
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    I have always been his fan for his great Oratorial skills, and also how he connects to the mass audience. Somewhere I was not happy when he was delivering words at Times Square, his speech could have been more proper. His sentences were looking as if we are desperate to give US a chance for employment. And his sentence for "Sending people from India to work in US, e.g. Nurses" was not required. (These are my personal views).

    I have come across many forums, where people have been praising him for PMO work done. So, I am happy, changes are there. Word of mouth marketing works a lot and is more powerful.

    Iti Tyagi
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    'Good' is a relative word. We use this adjective by comparing a person with others. So far as oratorial skill is concerned, our Prime Minister is way above his immediate predecessor and his present main opponent. So far as performance is concerned, he is trying his level-best and his effort is slowly bearing fruits. May be the speed of the present/ongoingreforms is not satisfactory for all of us, but one thing can be stated without an iota of doubt: the present Government has very successfully come out of the 'policy paralysis' of the previous regime.
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    Yes, he is an excellent orator, and that is evident from many of the speeches given by him till now. For me, he is the most powerful and a great influential politician I have ever seen to date. He is, in fact, an excellent manipulator and good at brainwashing people with his smart and humble answers. The good thing is that he is not a diplomat like Manmohan Singh. He is straightforward and direct in his thoughts. Demonetization is the only work that I liked, did by him as it helped in eradicating billions of black money from the country. Just like this one I would like to see more good things to be done in the same manner. I hope that his delivery of work will be far better than his speech.

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    What I observed from our Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he makes his home work well before going for a function or to deliver a speech. He never makes a written speech and his extempore speech is the example that some important points always run in his mind and that he makes a wonderful combination of words. He is more comfortable in Hindi and makes chiding remarks at opposition. What I feel that there is no formidable opposition leader who can take to the knowledge level of PM in countering him. For example the word SCAM has been going round in the political circle and it is widely used by various parties in UP elections rallies. Here I do not want to bring in the names stated by PM taking the each letter of the word SCAM. What I mean to stress here that , he is the great orator and also a great performer of par excellence.
    K Mohan
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    His latest dig on former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has gone viral in social media and such was the punch, the Congress does not have words to retard him back.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Our beloved Prime Minister is a very good orator. I can compare him only with Mr.Atal, ExPM. In some instances he has gone above Atalji also. No other prime ministers so far are as good as him expect Mr.Atal.
    He is very impressive both as an orator and a grate performer.

    He is leading the party from the front. During his period as PM so far spotless. No Scams except the SCAM he explained in UP election campaign. All the countries world over are looking at India. He is the most followed leader on the social media over entire world.

    Some of the decisions he has taken are adorable and they will take India ahead of many other countries. We can look forward for a better India.
    I hope voters will support him and his party in next general election also so that we can see a very bright INDIA.

    always confident

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    There is absolutely no doubt that our Prime Minister Mr Modi is a great orator and speaker. He talks to the point and sometimes he is so frank and straight that the people in opposition are baffled and irritated.
    The fact is he is not afraid of anyone when he is doing something in the national interest.
    Some people say he is not delivering what he promised.
    In this context I want to add that Modi has a herculean task of improving the governance in system and eradicating the corruption.
    This is not an easy task because one man has to fight the rotten system and show the deliverables out of it.
    Anyway the honesty of the purpose is what with the people of this country are impressed and though there were so much hardships to the lower class during the note ban still there was no remarkable agitation.
    So Modi may deliver or not only coming times will tell but his integrity is already established.

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    Along with Orator Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is good executioner. It is said something is better than nothing. He is much better than earlier PM. PM Modi might be slow in execution of his orders but he is doing good for country. He knows country comes first. Till now at least there is no corruption case brought up against his selected cabinet ministers. We should give more time for doing his job and waiting for results. There are lot of topics they have not touched yet in parliament and his comments yet to come on those like Uniform Civil Code.
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    As many have posted their views before saying that Modiji is more practical in his attidue than his words but I don't believe . In my opinion he is making people to fool with his rheotoric words and making people to trust his words and popularity for longer periods. Simply it is a psychological and game play of BJP on people. Whenever I hear his speech I get an impression that he is talking or preaching much than what his party and he is doing for the country. Especially I don't like the way he attacked in a indecent way the former PM and even the present opposition leader. A candidate of PM stature must show a good decency and maturity in his talk and behavior which are lacking in my opinion. In my opion he is a talk believe PM with his rhetoric speeches.

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    I mostly like when narendra modi said that this government is made for poor peoples at the front of public. another speech when he gives motivational speech on beliefs, thought, vision and message to the youth by which i'm totally get inspired. every word was not extempore each speech are prepared well by narendra modi ji. lots of government goes no one make changes and take some action for development in india. he knows what is good which time is good to do any action. before few years onions rate will become very high because of curruption at the time of kangres government. poor peoples are become thankful to him. each and every individual which are working under PM was not fraud.

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