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    Those who swear often are more honest - do you agree with the statment?

    Recently, I came across a research report in Times of India that the people who use profanities are more honest and straightforward than others and are less likely to lie & deceive.

    Do you agree with the research/report?
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    I fully agree. Swear is the God fear. Because of their fear they are honest. Because of their honesty they fear God. Because of their honesty and fear they are able to swear.
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    I would take this with a pinch of salt & actually am a sceptic of most such so-called research pertaining to character traits, no matter it may even be some award-winning research .

    I find it very off-putting when somebody uses profanities, whether in a face to face conversation, while speaking on the phone or communicating by email. I do not think it is necessary to use them at all and find it obnoxious. Some people routinely use them, even in a vulgar manner which is even more disgusting. Surely one's vocabulary contains words that can be used instead of those profanities. If it is believed that using a profanity conveys an honest opinion, I say that surely one can express an honest opinion quite well without the use of any profanity. Using language skills/vocabulary mastery or lack of them as a basis for determining character traits like honesty and dishonesty I think is bunkum (and that last word is not a profanity!)

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    I wont agree with the statement that those who swear often are more honest. What I feel that under the shadow of that statement they try to make believe others that they wont go wrong any time. In fact I feel those who swear often are the great mistake and blunder doers and take refuge under such wrong swear every time. We know if a person swears, we think he or she is honest, But people do take this weakness in ours and try to exploit the same to their extent. This is when some one says no problem and do not worry, we have to expect there would be problems and we have to worry about them.
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    K Mohan,

    On what basis are you saying that those who swear often make mistakes & blunders? That is also nonsense. Merely because people use a profanity does not imply that they don't do things correctly. Besides, the topic is on profanity vis-a-vis honesty/dishonesty and not about doing mistakes/doing the correct thing.

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    Swear has lost its meaning in today's world. People swear just to prove that they are not wrong though they don't value it. They swear on god or on some person very easily even if they are lying. I personally know a person who lies a lot and cheats people. There is atleast 1 lie in every 3 sentences he speak. He swore on his dad and family saying he will never lie and cheat people. But that swear itself was a lie for him. He did that to escape the situation and kept lying there after also. I can't say people who swears a lot are trust worthy nor will I say that people who lie a lot swears often. It is used by both mainly to escape the situation but definitely swear has lost its value.

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    Vandana what I meant was nicely responded through the reply by Sushma to which my stand vindicated.
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    Attached herewith is the image (Coutsey :- Times of India, Delhi edition) of the report.
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    I repeat what I said earlier: One can express an honest opinion quite well without the use of any profanity. I can be pretty honest about what's on my mind and what I really feel without using a single profanity. I also repeat that I would not rely on such research. I do not consider use of certain types of words or non-use of them as a basis for judging anybody to be honest or dishonest. After all, honesty is a quality. Not anything related to one's vocab!
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    Are swearing and using profanities same? I don't think so. I never swear. But sometime I use profanities within a very close group of childhood friends. There is absolutely no relationship between swearing and honesty. This is my firm opinion.
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    I have a good experience of swearing on God. Whenever I get into controversy, I used to call them to swear on God and say what they said was correct. But, fearing God, they never dared to swear on God.

    Also, once I had a chance to decide a case of theft in which one blamed the other, and the other pleaded innocent and not guilty. The case could not be decided. Finally, I asked both the guys to swear in front of God. The innocent promptly accepted and swore in front of the deity. But the complainant was not sure, but swore in a technical way not blaming the innocent guy.

    It is to mention that the innocent guy had a pregnant wife and two female children. Despite my sincere advice that it would seriously affect if they are guilty and swore as innocent. But all dared to come out with the truth that they were innocent, and swore.

    However, the deity in whose front the guys swore, punished the complainant within a weak. And the innocent guy's wife delivered a baby boy that he desired to have.

    So 90 percent individual would swear with honesty, and may be 10 percent guilty guys would swear with dishonesty.

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    The word swear has got different meanings and I think the thread is specifically about using rude or blasphemous words (the author may like to clarify). In that sense, what I feel is that people who swear are said to be more honest because they have no inhibitions and are more open. They seldom keep anything in mind and come out with their feelings without any cover. Using profanities is, I agree, not socially accepted, but the openness of the mind and reaction of such people might have led the researchers to conclude that they are more honest.
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    I've read this report, published in the TOI and feel that there is some truth in it. I also believe that those who are blunt and tell you things to your face, without sugar coating their words are as honest. Such people do not hide behind facades of morality or what is socially accepted. Their actions and opinions are as open as they are.

    I don't use profanities, but have stopped feeling awkward around those who do. Profanities, when uttered in normal conversation, begin to sound normal, when you interact regularly, with an individual who uses them. I have stopped being a prude. I also realise that judging people based on their vocabulary makes me a shallow and vain person.

    Studies are based on many factors and it is only after much reflection that results of any study are made public. Each of our actions is somehow related. It is little pieces that make us, and these little pieces comprise of things we do and the qualities that we display. It's like studying body language and knowing whether an individual is being truthful or not. It's like listening to a person talk and knowing whether they are sincere or not.

    Interestingly, another study that I saw on television showed how using profanities could help alleviate pain.

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    I think it is true. It is because the polished people are so good at it they are well able to hide their sneakiness under the false shine and clean-speaking.

    People who use profanity are not so smart enough to cover up and they may be a bit envious of those smooth talkers who they know are deceptive crooks.

    When I am reaching out to someone who needs help and who has lived a life without being taught differently or who thinks cuss words are part of the vocabulary, I am well able to speak his level of language and I have no qualms about it. It is okay to get a bit dirty to clean up.

    Reminds me of what Jesus said to the ordinary people who were asking him something, and he said to "do as they say but not be as they do" in regard to the religious leaders of his day. Wonder if it's true today also. Jesus' followers were partly tax-collectors, prostitutes, fishermen and the kind of people who could speak fluently in the flowery street language of their times.

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