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    Do you regularly check the Engine oil in your four stroke bike or scooter ?

    Most of the modern two wheeler are running on four stroke technology and for which the maintenance of right quality and quantity engine oil is must. Some of the vehicles only accept their own brand of engine oil and we cannot compromise with other available brands. Every day we must ensure that oil level be maintained and the vehicle should not emit white smoke which is signal for polluted oil inside the engine and the vehicle may break down any where en-route. Mind it if the oil level is nil or less, the vehicle wont start or ignite.
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    For vehicles, there is a specified period for changing oil. If you strictly follow the maintenance schedules, we need not check the engine oil frequently. For four wheeler, there is a gauge to indicate the oil level. For scooter there is no separate lubricant. The lubricant is added along with the fuel. But for motor bikes, we have no gauge to indicate the fuel level.

    However, before the start of my journey in my good old Padmini, I ensure to check five things.
    1. Radiator water level (physically)
    2. Lubricant level (physically)
    3. Brake oil level(physically)
    4. Fuel in the tank ( through the gauge)
    5. Air pressure in the wheels (by a good look)

    If I were to undertake a night journey, I would check the headlights and tail lamps and the brake lights, in addition to the above checks.

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    Engine oil gets dried with usage and long distance travel and the specific period duration does not matter. The more we put the vehicle to use, we are forced to change the oil frequently.
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