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    Is the caste factor to treat the people in India changed? or the form has been changed!

    I live in the urban area but basically, belongs to a rural area. I come across to the news from Madhya Pradesh where te upper caste student rejects the food cooked by lower caste woman. It is not shocking for me because it happens all over India, sometimes in minor and sometimes major levels.
    My question why such people hate our people.

    Where is the feeling of altruism?
    These students, How they come to act like this? Many questions ? but no satisfying answer at all.

    members please share your views.
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    Whether we agree or not the caste factor is playing even today in our daily life and that cannot be eradicated because the very survival of every political party is based on their caste based politics which they often use during elections and win. But in this case a student chose to reject the food prepared by lower caste women. Now I would ask that boy that he goes to a hotel and orders for the menu and that is also served within no time. Does he have the guts nor the idea as to who prepared the food for him or the which caste person has served food for him. As long as we are committed to stay with every caste and creed and the necessity of our life destined to progress, then we cannot be selective on such issues and if he does something like that the society wont spare us and they will look to us with sore eye. So the attitude must change.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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