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    Unknown health benefits of well-known curry Leaves

    Curry leaves are essential ingredient of Indian kitchen. Earlier Curry leaves were used in South Indian cuisine. However, gradually these leaves are becoming popular in other parts of the country also. But very few of us know that curry leaves have many health benefits.

    Curry leaves contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, anti-oxidants and amino acids. In addition, these are rich in carbohydrates and many other minerals including iron. Curry leaves help in controlling cholesterol level due to the anti-oxidants present in these leaves. Curry leaves are also beneficial for growth of hair and to maintain the smoothness of skin. These leaves are also beneficial for diabetes patients.

    So we must use Curry leaves ('karhi patta') more and more in our food.
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    Sir, please add an image of the curvy leaves so that I can exactly recognize it.

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    Mr. Das: ISC administration generally does not encourage posting of image from internet. Even then I am giving the link below:-

    You may search 'images of curry leaves' and can readily see those images.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Yes Partha Curry leaves or Karveppilai in Tamil we call has become the important ingredient in our daily food preparations and the curry leaves not only add the flavor and aroma , it also brings a good taste to the preparations. It acts like the final decider of your menu taste wise. During death ceremonies or the yearly death ceremonies we are not supposed to use the Mirchi. Instead we use pepper and curry leaves only in all the preparation on that day and all the preparations would be tasting more than wonderful to our taste buds. I like curry leaves and its aroma.
    K Mohan
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    curryleaves are very common item in the vegetable market. It is available for small value as well volume also in the market. In olden days the curryleaves are given by vegetable vendors for a handful of rice. Nowadays in many shops the curryleaves are given free of cost. Though it is available free of cost, the value of the same is immense. Many of us throwing out the curryleaves while eating the lunch or dinner. For this presently mothers are making powder of curryleaves and adding while cooking to avoid the wasting of them.
    Besides the food value, the curryleaves are good for enriching the hair growth.

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