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    Always take Transaction Slip from ATM Machine during withdrawl of cash

    I am giving my bitter experience with ATM Machine which happened few days back. On 8th of this month I tried to withdraw Rs.5000 by using ATM Debit card in Kotak Mahindra ATM. After saying your transaction is in process on screen I didn't got any money. On the screen it has shown "Sorry we are unable to complete your transaction. After a while I got a transaction slip showing "your transaction Timed out". I didn't got any message to my mobile even. Thinking there is no money in this ATM machine I went to another ATM and I have drawn Rs.5000. In this ATM it didn't issue a transaction slip showing Save a Tree conserve resources like that. I didn't even observe the message I got in my mobile and after finishing my work in the market I went back to home. When I am going through my mobile messages I found in the last transaction message the failed previous transaction Rs.5000 amount also got debited. I got through Net banking account there also it shown Rs.5000 got debited. In the past it happened few times when transaction failed I got the amount re-credited with in 15 to 30 minutes. But it here it didn't happen. The next day I went to my IOB Bank branch and I gave a complaint about this issue. They told this type of failed transactions with in 3 days it get re-credited. Meanwhile I have gone through net regarding this issue and I found Transaction slip is very important in this type of issues. It is a a very good proof for complaining this type of issues and get back the money. This thing it happened on 8th and I didn't got money re-credited even on 12th. So I tried to raise a complaint online from IOB website. When I submit the complaint it is showing error every time. Then I registered a complaint in Indian Consumers Forum online. After 2 days on 14th I got the message my money got re-credited to my account. During all these days I am very much agonized with this issue as I thought I lost my money. So my sincere advice to all is always take transaction slip while you are using ATM Machine. It acts as a proof for failed transactions.
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    I fully agree with the author. We must take and also preserve the transaction slip from ATM. This transaction slip would be immensely helpful in case we don't receive money from ATM but the amount gets deducted from our account. However, I have seen that in many cases the ATM machine doesn't print the transaction slip. This happens mainly with private banks. In such case, it becomes very difficult to substantiate our claim if the money is wrongly deducted from our account.
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    I do agree that we should have the transactions slips coming out of ATM machine as our proof. But there are options before dispensing cash as to whether we require printed slip or not. Please note that quarterly charges are levied by banks using their ATM facilities and in that if we minimize the transaction only through screen and no slip, the charges would be less. Anyway for any transaction we get alerts over the mobile and that record is also enough to fight for justice in case some thing goes wrong. Moreover what I advise that use your same bank ATM's which are prompt and easy with no riders.
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    Mr. Mohan, I don't think that the transaction through slip or not the question for service charges. The messages what they send to our mobile phones for every transaction through ATM card or from bank and for that they are charging quarterly service charges. But what are you saying for seeing transaction details through screen or slip don't vary.

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    I don't think to have slipped for every transaction. It will not serve any purpose as you got settle your complaint without having a slip. Banks itself promoting to don't print slip instead follow the SMS. The banking system is so robust to find the missed transaction or failed transaction. Yes, in some cases bank over enquired we think so but it is there duty to avoid false claims. But as the author said if somebody feels to keep transaction slip for such situation may keep.
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    Moreover the information appearing on the slip would fade away after few days as the matter is printed on a fading paper. So collecting slips wont be helpful to fight the case. However one can take the image of the slip immediately taken and keep as the record.
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