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    What's the difference between commercial cinema and arts cinema?

    Today media and critics have divided the film industry and cinema into two many categories commercial and arts cinema.
    As far as arts cinema is considerd it has movies which are very well connected to real life and has very good stories on the other hand commercial cinema consists of movies which provides us very good entertainment.
    But as a audience do you find any such differnce ?
    Which one movie will you prefer to watch whether arts or commercial ?
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    Please do not mistake me. I am saying my true opinion from my experience. I was an avid viewer of the so-called 'art films' during my college days. Post college and teens, and on a review, I now feel that at least those days art films are movies that are shot in almost darkness, the time gap between two dialogues is half an hour and you end up with breaking your head what is the actual story and theme.

    I had seen a lot of art films in Bengali, Malayalam , Kannada and Marathi during 70 s and eighties. One or two in other languages also. But I just do not recall most of them now. If I would watch any of them now, I cannot stay awake for more than two minutes.

    Commenting on an art film in those days, one critic wrote" What is there in the film........(name of the movie) apart from the hairy armpits of the hero and the wide open eyes of the heroine as shown throughout the film."(I do not remember verbatim, but this is the essence of the matter).
    Most of the art films were shot with low expenses and they survived mainly on the subsidy and tax concession given by the government. Some were made only for sending to awards and predictably they got awards. But probably not more than a few hundred people saw the film.

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    From my angle of observation, the commercial cinemas are produced with big budget, wide casting and more spending is done for each scene , so that the whole effect of movie experience would be better and arresting to the front bench watchers. Songs, fights, rape scenes and double meaning dialogues would be there in whole some and the fans are treated with steamy scenes for whole three hours. Whereas the art films are those ,which are supposed to be low budget films , poor lighting, slow acting and above all natural performance of the artists without make up to give the natural feeling. I would credit Malayalam and Bengali language directors for making some good art films. Satyajit Ray is known for his good art films ability and one of the Malayalam art film by name Elipathaayam really impressed me.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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