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    Important: What should you do if you receive fake note from ATM?

    It is a tough question! Technically, getting fake notes from ATM is not possible because all currency notes are supposed to go through forged note detector machines before the notes are kept in ATMs. But we never know! So, we must know what should be done if we receive fake note(s) from ATM.

    Accoring to RBI guideline, in such case, the bank branch which controls the particular ATM will be held responsible. However, no bank is going to give real notes in exchange of fake notes based only on the customer's word. For this, the customers will have to prove that they got the fake notes from the particular ATM machine. The experts suggest that the customers who have received fake notes from the ATM, should hold the fake notes in front of the CCTV camera. If the camera is not working, there will be a guard at each ATM. It would be appropriate to raise the complaint to the guard at the ATM itself.

    Last but not the least, the ATM receipt must be preserved safely till such time the grievance of the customer is resolved.
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    I think everybody has noted yesterday's news that many fake notes of Rs. 2000/- are coming out from a particular ATM in Delhi.
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    Fake notes from ATM, seems to be new scam of high order. We all know every bank has engaged a particular cash assistance company which is responsible for loading the cash of the bank ATM's across the sector and thus the cash management companies in turn bring the cash from either the local head office of the bank, RBI or other cash godown of the bank. So who can be held responsible here, Is that the RBI which is distributing cash to all the banks, the bank local head office or some cash chests of the same bank ? However there are also possible on the part of cash management officials who are loading the cash to play with inserting duplicate notes unmindful of even the parent bank. Therefore the credentials of the cash loading officials must be ascertained and their role must be inquired first if any fake notes are vending out of ATM machines.
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