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    Pre -Primary Education is the need of the time.

    How important is Pre-Primary Education? Does it help in building a strong foundation to learning? Will it help in reducing the difference between the privileged and underprivileged students? Join the discussion and come out with your opinion in this regard.

    Pre-Primary Education is the need of the time. It is seen that children who have attended Pre-Primary schooling provide better prospects in primary and secondary schools. They help in bringing out better results from such students. Early school education draw the attention of parents and guardians also; it prepares them so to start taking interest in the education of their children. In my opinion State Governments should take steps to run Pre-Primary Educations Centers so that much difference does not arise among the students of privileged or underprivileged classes. Is Pre -Primary Education necessary or not? Please share your views.
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    pre primary education provided to the children below five years in the feild of pre school to build up their knowlwdge. it makes the kids for school and it nurture children skills in a age 3-5 to get the best results in schooling. In india PRE PRIMARY EDUCATION system started improving drastically in education system.The parents and educational organisation should organise effective methods for the better implementation of pre primary education

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    I feel a determined teacher and strong willing students at the pre-Primary level can bring sweeping changes in the education to future classes. The other day my wife who is the mother teacher for Pre-Primary was discussing how her LKG students are drawing, writing the name of it and coloring it on their own. They pick up three flowers, three fruits, three things , draw them, write in numbers and then color them. Such kind of interpretation at the young age would bring much interest in the students to study and try new things further. So pre-primary education is more important.
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    Without strong foundation building never stands longer similarly prelimanry education is foundation of every child .On this way parents and teacher should take step to build and devolep programmes learning process attractive and interesting. Even though govt has introduced many programmes called "Kali nali " except these at home also parents should give activities make leaning interesting and recognize children interested filed in, from the beginning.

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