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    Caste and religion problems only because of some

    I am seeing many people do not see the differentiation in religion and caste. Only some political based people are making benefit out of this differentiation.

    I am seeing in many mosques there are Hindus and other religion people standing outside for curing their children through their prayer after their 'Dhua".

    In many cities I am seeing muslim ladies standing outside the Hanuman Temple for their children's cure.

    Some of us seeing only caste and religion severely and even fought and kill themselves but when the issue of blood requirement for their relations or themselves in the Hospital at the serious condition, they are not seeing whose blood is injected into the patient's body.

    Similarly I have seen in one school a Muslim lady without hesitation dressed her children as Hindu Gods for their school function.
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    I think caste and religion are not very important for the people now a days. Especially in towns and cities nobody bothers about individuals caste or religion. Only friendship is more important Irrespective of caste and religion they invite all known persons and families for functions in the house. They eat together. Only difference here is vegetarian and nonvegetarian . But in villages it is different. But now a days I am observing that even in villages also nobody bothers about these two factors.

    But caste and religion are very important for political parties. They always try to get votes on this basis only. A CM goes and gives iftaar to muslims. He goes and gives party to Christians on Christmas. Because he wanted the votes of them in the next elections. They
    encourage them by saying minorities and giving them reservations.No parties to Hindus. Here they go by Castes.They go and contact the leader of the most popular caste and will make an an understanding with him.They talk about reservations to castes. In villages votes will be casted basing on the caste of the candidate. Reservations on caste basis is continuing since independence. No party wants to touch them. So caste and religion are important only to this corrupt politicians.

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    I am fully agreeing with the author, The differentiation of caste and creed including religion is created by the Politicians. But I am baffled at the scene shown yesterday in Naamkaran serial in which the Avni's maternal grandmother threatens Dayavanthi Mehta and in that melee she fist fights with her. After she has gone, Dayavanthi Mehta asks her servant to bring Gangajal to purify her as she was touched by Muslim woman. If such kind of scenes are shown in the serials, the hatred to other religion would be more and the producers and directors should see that such kind of scenes should not be repeated in future.
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    The caste and religion factor is not present in Indian context: It is the superficial phenomenon. Just like the tree on which bitter fruits of caste are less in number but if we observe the roots of the caste system tree, sadly its is deeply rooted. This example in the context of established castes system.

    Religious harmony is there among the people but our politician is playing the tricky game with the innocent people to secure their importance by raising such trivial issue to make people rival of one another. Nowadays people are aware but the number is very less.

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