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    What is your prediction of results in the five States where Assembly elections were held?

    Assembly elections in five States of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa are coming to a concluding stage by March 8th. The counting is going to take place on 11th March. BJP is one of the main contestant in all these states. With Narendra Modi's hype is going on through out the country due to demonetization program there is a high expectation of favorable results for the party. But other opposition parties are crossing their eyes thinking that this program may boomerang for BJP party and voters may turn in favor of them. Party workers and supporters of BJP party are eagerly waiting for the outcome of these results. Even people throughout the country also anxiously waiting for the outcome of these results. In this scenario what is your prediction of results for these five states. Give your interesting predictions along with giving reasons.
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    As you said BJP has hype in all these state elections but there are people who are reluctant to BJP. This situation makes more confusion in Uttar Pradesh result. There is direct competition between BJP, SP+INC, and BSP, Punjab has Aakalidal+BJP, INC, and AAP. AAP want to make its presence in the state. Uttarakhand has the same scenario. In Goa, BJP has strong nut recent conflict of RSS and the BJP coordinators will be the deciding factor. In Manipur, BJP is going to make it strong entry. The prediction to make is very difficult. We had seen the result of Delhi and Bihar state assembly which was out of all predictions. So ti is better to wait and watch. 11 March will be the big day for all the parties.
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    We must not predict anything. Let us wait and watch. Everyone has his/her favourite party. Let us see wait for another two-three days for the result. However, BJP-SAD coalition, in all probability, is going to taste defeat in Punjab. BJP may gain in Uttarakhand and in Uttar Praesh. It will retain Goa with reduced margin. But Manipur results would be interesting. Some analysts are predicting BJP's victory in Manipur. Even if the party doesn't taste victory in Manipur, its performance would be much much better.
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    What I feel that this election being held after the note ban process and the opposition did penetrate well against the BJP in many states therefore as per my predictions, The UP may go the BJP way as the PM Modi has undertaken personal interest to campaign against Congress and SP alliance. The Uttarakhand may also elect the BJP to power there as the voters mood indicate there. But I have a doubt in Goa as this time BJP may loose in that state and AAP may gain for the first time. And in Punjab too there are chances between Congress and AAP. And in Manipur I am seeing the BJP wave.
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    Though predictions may not be correct and we have to wait for final outcome, BJP appears to have some slight edge over others because of its strong leadership. I have visited UP very recently and the mood of the voter appears to be in favour of Narendra Modi and his party. The note ban effect has no impact on them and they are very much annoyed with the father-son politics there. The anti-incumbency factor may work out in Punjab and AAP may become a deciding factor in the formation of the Government. Uttaranchal, Goa and Manipur, as they appear now may go in favour of BJP.

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    Let me comment on Goa first as I belong to that state. As things appear, it looks like BJP may come back to power, but may not be in the stronger position as it was in the outgoing government. However, some of the popular schemes and almost nil existence óf the Congress may make it garner enough seats to form the next government in the state. Some of the predictions above which says AAP may gain are the result of the self made proclamations and media publicity by the party. The ground reality remains that the party has no supporters in Goa. Mr AK is a laughing stock with the media and the public. No one takes them seriously. Yes, they may dent the vote share of other parties.
    As for UP, I would guess it may go in BJP's way. The personal interests of Modi and the top brass of BJP in the state elections may draw the results in its favour. Punjab may go AAP way.

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    BJP and its allies are going to make govt in above states.It will good for the country .Many changes will take place.The first thing is, we will have a govt based on public opinion.I think this all will be possible by the team of PM Modi. His personality impresses all.His clear stands are appreciable.He always says about development of common masses.
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