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    If You Were The Prime Minister

    Now, this is an opportunity one can hardly and very rarely achieve in his or her life. Suppose, just imagine, if you were elected as the Prime Minister of India what would you do for your country? Can you say that you would be the best Prime Minister India would ever have in the entire history? So how would you manage this whole responsibility? Share your thoughts with us by imagining that you are the present Prime Minister of India.
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    This type of assumption question already appeared many times in this forum and still I would like to respond with a changed scenario. If I were made a PM even for a while, My first priority would be to conduct one day National census on unemployment, under employment, over employment and take necessary actions immediately. By having the list of unemployed candidate, I shall transfer a monthly fixed income to his bank account till he gets the job and declares to the government. The under employment problem would be solved with right adjustment of right candidate at the right place. The over employment anomaly would be corrected and seen that only one gets the benefit of the job at one place. If such actions are taken, surely youth would be happy and they would give their best to the Nation.
    K Mohan
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    If I were made Prime minister for a while I will change the reservation policy of our country. Instead of giving reservations based on caste and religion, I bring in financial help to poor for their education if they are meritorious.

    2nd act I do is changing the eligibility criteria for contesting in the elections. Those who are having criminal or civil cases against them will be disqualified for contesting in any kind of elections.

    3rd point is to take steps to cancel pensions to all MPs and MLAs.

    always confident

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