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    Why private hospital is bettar than government hospital ?

    Why we opt or prefer to go in private hospital for treatment. In the terms of facility and treatment, government hospitals are lagging behind compared to private hospital. my mom had a fever yesterday and go for treatment in government hospital but doctors cannot touch to know actually what the problem had just give the medicines only. If a private hospitals can provide the best from infrastructure to treatment than why our government cannot provide the same.
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    Gone are the days when used to heavily depend on the government hospitals only for all ailments With the advent of private hospitals and even the cases referred to ESI are being treated by private hospitals, the craze and belief of the patients has gone down and hence government hospitals are also stopped providing medicines and injections either too given for free. So private hospitals are prevailing on the government to accept their health services by entering into service contract for every disease and ailment and treatment thereof. So government hospitals are loosing its sheen.
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    There is always a difference of efficiency and service quality between the Government sector and private and same is true for hospitals also.
    In Government sector a fixed salary and other facilities are given to the employees irrespective of their efficiency and performance and there are so many rules and regulations that most of the time is wasted in that. The result is that the service provided to the clients, in this case patients, is of very low quality.
    On the contrary in private sector the procedures are well laid down and non compliance is viewed very seriously. People are afraid in neglecting their duty as management can fire them anytime. As said - fear is the key to discipline - and it keeps employees on their toes.
    Moreover in private sector, management can take quick decisions for material planning and creating facilities.
    So definitely people who can afford will like to go to private hospitals for treatment.

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