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    Similaities in religious experiences

    Our India has many religion in Her. But though they are different in name and followup, inner thoughts and experiences are nothing but similar.

    Our Spiritual Guru used to tell in His all speeches that though there are many religions and Spititual leaders in our Country all are telling the same thing in different languages and no Spiritual leaders are creating their own religion. He used to tell one example for this, water is in a glass one person calling this as water,other as Paani, other as neeru, another as neelu, another as vallam, other as thannee and chemists as aqua. Though the water is called in different name by different persons the thing in the glass is one and same. Likewise the religion is one and same.

    we read that the sweet cake (appam) was distributed by Lord Jesus to many people by possessing some pieces. similar to this I read one news/information and as it is news to me I wish to share the same here as it has similarity to the Christianity with Hinduism.

    Once a King named Upari Sarvasu, went for hunting and on he targeted his arrow at an elephant. the elephant on fear run this and that side and killed a Brahmin who was on that side. The sin of killing a human,Brahmahatti Dosha fell on the King as he became a cause for the killing. He in order to remove his dosha, approached Saint Durvasa for remedial measure. The saint suggested him to go to the Ranganatha Temple of Palasa vana daily through sincere prayer to Lord Mahavishnu, and
    and offer food feeding to public daily. Accordingly the king did daily and on one day a voice from sky reached him by asking to offer feeding for one lakh person on the day of dwadasi of Krithiga month. He immediately arranged for that feeding on the said day. On completion of one lakh persons, one poor and aged man approached the king for food. The king puzzled as the entire food emptied for the feeding and there was no reminder in vessels. He assured the poor man to wait for some times as to prepare food again for him. The man replied the King as he got severe hungry and not able to wait further, he asked the king to get some sweet cakes (appam). Pleased king offered a pot full of sweet cakes prepared in ghee. The aged man on receipt of the pot reformed himself as Lord vishnu and offered Holy Blessings with removal of his curse (brahmahati dosha).This may be a story to general public but was real happening as one can see the pot with sweet cake sculpture even to day in the main shrine of Lord Mahavishnu in the temple of Koviladi village which is located at 35 kilometers from Tanjore via Thirukkattuppali, Tamilnadu. Even today the temple authorities do the offering of sweet cakes to the Lord Mahavishnu daily, the temple will get opened daily between 7.30 am to 12.30 and 4.30 to 8.0 pm.
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    Yes,you are right.All religions have same philosophy.All religious beliefs are same.The offerings to God is to get His blessings in those. Then we distribute those among people.By distribution,we get the grace of God.In places of worships have boxes for donation.People donate whole heartily in that.This is done in all religions.The essences of all religions are faith,devotion and complete surrender to God.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    And I thought the sweet cakes or the Appams be prepared only during festivities and during death ceremonies. But never knew it had the story of olden days and even in Christianity they shared appams. Thanks for this knowledge and I am greatly informed today.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Religion is not a thing that came in existence yesterday. This is linked to humans since dawn of civilization.
    The origin of religions is same. It started with the same caveman who is the ancestor of today's human.
    So there may be so many religions in the world but their root is same.
    There may be different methods of worshipping but the essence is similar.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes. Even though there are many religions the ultimate is same. The roots may be different but the destination is same. All religions preach the same. Do good be good. Help fellow human beings to possible extent.

    But unfortunately the some people created all these differences. The poor common man is the victim. Religions are for the betterment of the people. Let us not use for creating differences.

    In Telangana a pilgrimage called vemulavada is there. There is a Darga in the temple campus of Shiva. A great example of tolerance. It is better to bring in this culture.

    always confident

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