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    Were the exit polls intentionally inaccurate in some cases?

    During the recently concluded elections in five states, six or seven exit polls were conducted. The television channels went on discussing the findings of the exit polls for two days. Thereafter these channels discussed the actual results yesterday. However, I find that when the exit polls were more or less accurate to predict the results of Punjab, Goa and Manipur, none of the polls predicted the landslide victory of BJP in UP and in Uttarakhand. Only one poll had predicted maximum 270 seats for BJP and its alliance partner in UP. The prediction for BJP in Uttarakhand was maximum 40 seats.

    My question is: Were the exit polls intentionally inaccurate to predict the outcome of results in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand? If yes, then why?
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    It once more shows that Indian voter does not show his trump card and does not want to expose the secrecy and faith in the elections which he nourishes with piety.
    I would like all future predictions of exit polls also to be wrong. Let the suspense be there . That only will make parties afraid of people and work for them.

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    What I feel that voters who are participating in the exit polls may not reveal his actual action done inside the poll booth fearing some action on him. By the way a voter wont be benefited on revealing his real voting, hence might have gave vague reply which the news channels tabulated and had hay day for two days to discuss and deliberate by wasting our time only. In fact I have given a near best prediction in a thread on the same subject and here is the snip shot.
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    Then how did the exit polls more or less correctly predict the outcome in Goa, Manipur, Punjab? And they failed in UP and Uttarakhand?
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