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    If royalty is for Music director, what about royalty to Raga creator

    Dear Members,
    There is a tussle between Music director Ilayaraja and Playback singer SP Balasubramaniyam. The Music director asks for royalty from the playback singers for singing his compositions.

    My question is - If a Playback singer is insisted to pay royalty to the music director for his tune and music, what about the royalty to the great Raga composers from the music directors who uses their Ragas? What about the royalty to the lyrics writer from the music director?

    Has Ilayaraja ever paid royalty to Vairamuthu, vali and other lyrics writers, whenever Ilayaraja conducted a music concert?

    What is your good view and comment?
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    This thread is an off-shoot of another thread, and my opinion is same as at #593847 in the original thread:-

    It is purely a business deal between the parties concerned. So, opining about the subject matter, without knowing the terms & conditions of the deal, is not justified or logical.

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    Sun has raised a valid point. All these years, Ilayaraja was obliging and even behaving like his Music guru and SP Balasubramanian was singing his great scores without any protest. But suddenly Ilayaraja woke up and started asking for his loyalty for using his songs which were very popular scores. When that holds good, then lyricists can also demand their share of loyalty and for that matter even cameraman can also demand as without their showing the beautiful locations and wonderful faces of actors, the songs cannot be enjoyed nor remembered. So this issue is going to take ugly scenes in future. What I mean that SP is the great singer and because of him most of the songs composed by Ilayaraja was hit, so he also have the equal rights to sing the same songs and it is also easy to remember already played famous songs and therefore Ilayaraja is at fault.
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