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    Why profitable running SBH banks has been merged with already fame SBI group ?

    We are having accounts in SBH ie State Bank of Hyderabad and yesterday we got the message through SMS alert that our bank is being merged with SBI group and this smooth transition wont have any effect on our account number , ATM cards or even PIN numbers. What I understand that SBH is the profit making banks spread over every nook and corner of Telangana and AP. Probably the farm loan waiver policy of the Central and State governments has made this bank group pauper and they have to merge with SBI group ? Any comment ?
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    Not only SBH bank but I heard all the state bank groups are getting merged with state bank of India. Also there are many rules that have been introduced from 1st April to SBI such as minimum balance in the account should be 5k for account in metro cities and 3k for urban cities. Depositing money into the account is free for maximum of 3 times after which customer will be charged rs 50 for each deposit. There are many other rules that have been implemented but basically a customer will be paying service?charge a lot for depositing, withdrawal? etc. You can check the rules from SBI web page.

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    Normally weak or not so good or loss making banks are merged with performing bank, but here it seems all the State Bank groups banks are working well then what was the necessity to merge ?
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