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    Where words fail, music speaks

    Ever experienced the power of music, so much so that it dominates words? Share your experiences with other music fans.

    Did we ever give a thought as to why movies have songs?

    It is because during those situations (where songs are placed), music can speak better than a big dialogue. Just imagine an old song "Babul ki duae leti ja" sung by great Rafi Saab. The scene was when a father lets her daughter go away after the marriage and the song was running in the background. It gave such real feelings of a father-daughter relationship, which a few sentence of dialogue could not have done.

    Or think of the song "Chitthi aayi hai" by Pankaj Udhas. The words would have failed to create such emotions where a song has easily done that.

    Or take a new song "Achha chalta hu" by Arijit Singh in the film "Ae dil hai mushkil". In such situations, a song can create a far better impression than dialogues.

    May be that is why we say - Where words fail, Music speaks.
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    Not all the dialogues can be remembered, but the songs can be remembered and murmured even after many decades. I hardly remember any Hindi film dialogue, but I know most of the Hindi songs, if not the entire song but the beginning of the song. If there was a dialogue -Mere sapne ki rani kab aayega? This will never be remembered if it was spoken in the film Aaradhana by Rajesh Khanna to Sharmila Tagore, , but the song by Kishore Kumar for Rajesh Khanna has its good effect. Still it has the effect after many decades.

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    Yes Hindi film Industry has used the songs with best lyrics in such a extent that they could carry the story line forward with the lyrics told in the song. One such great movie we could enjoy was Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Normally songs are introduced to get relief from the tough scenes which we have been gone through and with interlude song, the audience get vibrated. But some times songs are introduced when it is not required at all. In one of the Telugu mythology based film Bhakta Rama Dasu, the songs were really impressive and attributes to the feelings of the character and it virtually gives the fore hand information as to what will happen in the next scene. Such was the power of our Indian film song making ability. Foreigners used to down play our song sequences citing it is wasteful expenditure. But the reality we know.
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    Music means movie songs.These songs can be eighter bollywood songs,hollywood songs or any regional songs. Types of songs never should be untuned with the quality of songs.
    Mostly time when we feel low these songs draw our attention in song' s entertaining flow and we forget all the sadness and start to flow with music. Mostly time we combine ourself with song lyrics or vedio picturization and involve in music vertual world and here is the movment we r very happy and left negative ness or sadness and music start to dominates the word . In this process u dont need to accomplish with anyone u can enjoy alone .
    Music word is endleds. As we achive some part more to semms draw our attention for achieving.
    So every one should enjoy this endless world because some times it work over words...

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    A memorable song is the combination of beautiful lyrics, heart-touching music and soulful rendition. Nowadays number of such songs has been decreasing in every language. As a result, the shelf-life of most of the present day songs is less than one month, whereas we still enjoy the songs created more than 50 years before.
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    Meenakshi Gupta, please do not pull up old threads.
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