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    By-elections: BJP is emerging as a pan-India party

    Recently by-elections were held in ten assembly constituencies of eight states. The results are now coming. BJP is progressing unabated. Out of the ten seats, three were earlier held by BJP. The party has retained all these three seats. These seats are Bhoranj in Himachal Pradesh and Bandhavgarh & Ater in Madhya Pradesh. It is going to wrest another three. In West Bengal's Kanthi South seat, which is a stronghold of Trinamool Congress, BJP has managed to give a very tough fight to the ruling party and has emerged as the second-best. BJP has maintained the winning tempo in Assam. But the most significant victory of BJP is at Rajouri Garden in Delhi, where it has wrested the seat from AAP. Congress has emerged as the second-best party. AAP candidate has lost his deposit.

    So far as Congress is concerned, it has managed to hold two assembly seats in Karnataka despite stiff opposition from BJP. Congress has retained both Nanjangud and Gundulpet in the state.

    Re-election will be held in two seats, one each from Jammu & Kashmir and Tamilnadu.

    If we analyse the result of the by-election of these ten seats, there is no doubt that BJP is emerging as pan-Indian party, slowly but surely. Congress is busy in defending its crumbling citadel. But AAP is getting major drubbing everywhere it competes. People have lost faith on this young party and its leader, Mr. Kejriwal.
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    The result form Karnataka indicates that the BJP has to grow yet in the South. At one stage it appeared that the Congress under the leadership of Siddharamiah is slowly losing its soil in its Sothernhold while the actual result shows that it is not so. It would be a major blow for AAP and it is a clear indication that Kejriwal's party is slowly losing the faith of the people in Delhi. Hope at least now onward its leader will learn politics and concentrate on development keeping aside his power hunger.

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    Yes most of the by elections and also the Municipalities and corporations, the BJP is emerging as victorious and If you take the India map except Kerala, Karnataka , AP and Telangana the party has formidable presence in almost all parts of India. If the BJP concentrates on the four southern states, It can get very good majority in Parliament and need not heavily depend on Hindi Heartland. Nevertheless when we compare BJP of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and BJP of Advani, the BJP led by PM Modi is gaining at every place with and able and stable support from the Party president Amit Shah..
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    Yes. BJP is emerging as pan- Indian party in India. Mr. Modi as Prime Minister doing a very good job and taking hard decisions for the betterment of the country. Common man is supporting with all hopes and expectations on him to see a better India. As I see the recent election results, I can say that only BJP is the National party. All others are regional including Congress.

    For the downfall of congress their party leaders are only responsible. No proper leaders. Everybody wants to project Mr. Rahul Gandhi as their leader. Unfortunately that poor guy is not able to deliver. I am not seeing any good days for this party in near future.

    The pair Mr.Modi and Mr.Shah should understand the support they are getting. They should have a vision and see that corruption will come down, black money will become less and good job potential is created. Then they will continue to get the support of voters.

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    Yes, BJP is overtaking everywhere but their leader must keep their feet on the ground. Overconfidence can spoil their hard work they have done so far. They must understand the people's faith and work accordingly for its betterment. The citizen of India are no more can provide vote anyone just seeing the face but their actual work. This is a great change happening as far as Indian voter is concern. The political party those who have lost many seats and some government in state assembly should work from the base and think deeply as why they have been ignored by voters. This a lesson to BJP too if they also ignored the people, people too ignore them.

    AAP was the revolution in Indian politics but they could not come up and behave like the any other political party. Twice they have over flowing votes from Delhi people but it is a big doubt if the AAP can come up again.

    As far as Congress is concern, they are the big party. I am sure they will overcome of their failure and come up again. To balance the Indian politics congress has to stand up. But, their working behaviour should be change. Just criticising the government on its every step will never influence Indian public. Recently the rumours are going on that Varun Gandhi may join congress, if that happen, it will be a big gain for the congress.

    Let's hope for the best for our country no matter whoever lead.

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    So far as southern states are concerned, BJP twice came to power in Karnataka. It is stronger in Karnataka compared to Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh or Telengana. But the party, along with disciplined cadres of RSS, is trying its best to become major power in all southern states.
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