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    First time I got revenue share bonus of this site

    I want to share my excitement with the members. In this month first I got award of star of the week, then I got my AdSense account fully approved and now when I open my computer I came to know that i got RSB of this site. I am very happy and want to share my excitement with the members.
    I am little bit confused. Please explain me whether I have got RSB for month of March or for month of April.

    But I am very happy.
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    Congratulations! I understand your excitement. But do ensure that this is not the last time! Just be consistent and go on contributing. More such happiness awaits you every month.
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    Hakimuddin, congratulations! I understand your excitement but I think you are referring to the RSB for March that was announced in April. Since the Revenue Share Bonus for the month of April is likely to be announced today or tomorrow, I think it would be better to lock this thread now to avoid any confusion in this regard.

    [Incorrect info - the revenue share bonus for April will be announced in the month of June only]

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    Congratulations on getting on the coveted list of members who have received the revenue share bonus for the month of March!

    I think you were confused because likely you saw the mention of it in the social hub first, prior to Timmy Sir making the official announcement. If that is the case - It is though, mentioned there clearly "(Site Revenue Share for Mar 2017)". Once the official announcement is made, then too you can see the month mentioned. Thus, it is mentioned on the cash credits' page (link given by Timmy Sir) for you & the others who are eligible, as "Site Revenue Share for Mar 2017".

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    Apologies to Hakimuddin for the mix up; for the error on my part about the months. Actually it occurred since the RSB announcement was not made when this thread was raised.
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    Hearty congrats to Hakkimuddin for receiving his first RSB from ISC. It is always mentioned about the month for which RSB is given. It is never given for the current month as the days are not over. It is for the previous completed month for which RSB is worked out by Timmy M John and awarded on the last day. Previously, RSB used to be announced during the last week of the month, anytime between the 23rd day and 30/31st day). Now the trend has changed and RSB is announced on the last day of the month.
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    Just now visited your profile and found that you are going to receive the Payment for this month of total 1200 which includes revenue share bonus for the first time. Keep it up and cherish the progress.
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