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    Weekly Cash Reward for Active Participation in Group Discussion

    Hi friends,

    This Group Discussion Forum is getting changed as Suggested by our Webmaster Tony

    As of New Plan, Every week we will conduct a Group Discussion, Members can share their views in that thread and Webmasters will Select the Best Two Responses and the Member will be Rewarded Rs.200/ each (active from June 29th 2009 onwards)

    Members posting Copied contents from other sites will not be considered for this Cash Reward

    Members can visit the Group Discussion section and can participate in the GD which is marked as Active GD
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    Feel free to response any no. of times, but dont try to spam the thread.



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    Intresting news thank you

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    thank you

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    Thanks for the information.

    Ok what will the prize?
    is it a cash reward or the points?

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    Hey that's great news!

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    This is really a great idea, which will help this site a lot in every way.

    like it will make discussion forum interesting and members will share their knowledge and members can also win something for their active and useful partcipation.

    With Regards

    Shikha Chaudhary

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    This is a weekly cash reward of Rs.100(Not points) for the Best response in that Discussion thread.



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    Good intiative.I always felt that the forum is not being used to it's maximum extend.Many of the members do not participate in any of the discussions ,this would encouage them to participate.

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    Good to have the discussion thread

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    Thank you ramkumar its really usefull to have GD

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    It is the nice program to reveal our thoughts and improving our communication skills.

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    Thaks we try our level best to respond in a more accurate and respect way
    “ Make them Feel that they have missed you, Make your Life in such a way that every one need’s to be With You – Saleem “

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    hi Ram thanks for this information

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    this will encourage the active participation of ISCities

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    Thats simply exciting this will certainly make everyone think as to particiapte and reply to the pointat every discussion.
    "Give the World the Best You Have and you shall receive the BEST"

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    who won last week?

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    Hey, thats a great effort! will bring more competition between members! I suggest topic relating to current affairs, as they always need utmost consideration

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    One question ram is only the discussion started by you every week will be evaluated by the webmasters?

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    I also have a doubt like neyha. Can anyone start discussion and will it be evaluated by webmasters and given a prize? or only has to start the discussion.


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    Neyha and Raghav,

    As suggested by our Webmaster Tony, Every week i will start a discussion thread, Members can post their response, then i will select upto 5 best responses and will forward to Webmasters, then they will select the best response from that thread. Looking forward your active participation in GD.

    I think i made you everything clear.



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    Good topic to discuss and a latest one!!

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    really nice award u r giving,i also join in group discussion of love marriage vs arranged marriage

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    I am really honoured .Thanks ISC !!! Please I have an urgent request if you could please read my message posted on the forum in the GENERAL category on 25th june .Please!!!!

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    very good programme this is,everyone can share their opinions,everyone may increase the knowledge in seeing this discussions,every discussions was very nice,and nice thread, and it is very glad that in that u r selecting one person and giving reward of Rs.100, i was also join in the group discussion, and i knew many of the things in this group discussions,pls continue it,congrats

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