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    Why can't we hear the sonorous voice of Ila Arun anymore?

    Just now, I have been listening to the music of Ila Arun. Her voice is sonorous, her voice is refreshing. Ila Arun's songs provide different rustic charm. While listening to her songs, we can feel the smell of the sand of the desrt of Rajasthan. Her song depicts rural Rajasthan. I am mesmerised by her singing. I immensely like her songs.

    However, we can't hear new songs of Ila Arun. For the last ten years or so, she has not sung any new song. We only listen to her old songs which became popular in nineties.

    Why has this great singer of Rajasthan suddenly become silent? Can any Member elucidate?
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    When new singers are finding way in the Hindi filmdom, surely old and most famous play back singers are waning away and Ila Arun also in that list. I also like her voice which is different from others and can easily recognized by her texture of voice. Some times I felt that Usha Uthoop and Ila Arun must do a jugal bandhi with high pitch voice so that a good combination of voice can be enjoyed and experienced. Moreover Rajasthan film Industry is also not coming forward to show case this extremely talented singer who has the voice which cannot be forgotten by the music lovers for years together.
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    It is natural. Many new singers are coming. The music programs on the small screen is bringing many new faces to the front. So old singers are slowly getting out. In Telugu also Mr.S.P.Balu is not singing many songs. He is concentrating on stage programs and TV shows. Same may be the case with Ms.Ila Arun also. I heard very less number songs of her.
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    During nineties, some new singers attracted our attention. Shubha Mudgal, Ila Arun, Shweta Shetty, Hema Sardesai and Chitra became immensely popular. Among the male singers, Dr. Palash Sen and Kunal Ganjawala of nineties are worth-mentioning. But their shelf-life has been very short. We don't hear them often nowadays.
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