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    Is passing entrance exams a big issue?

    Today many parents are worried about their children's career.But there is no need to panic or worry about it. Ask your child about his study interest. Nowadays the competition is rising,so students must work hard to achieve their target. For this they must make a study planner, improve their concentration power and also increase their studying hours.

    The next important question is that should student take coaching? These days students clearing entrance exams are the ones who take coaching. So it is advisable to take coaching but going to school is also important. So either the coaching days be weekends or evening coaching classes. Nowadays schools are also preparing their students for entrance exams. So this is a plus point for students. The second plus point is that the syllabus for entrance exam is the same taught in schools. So students focusing on school exams also have a chance to clear entrance exam.

    The last thing a student must have for clearing entrance exam is "self confidence". If you are determined and have a positive attitude, no one can stop you from clearing entrance exams. We often hear that a student preparing for entrance exams commits suicide or is going through a state of depression. This is because such a student lacks confidence. Doing exercises and yoga in the morning helps students to remember things easily and help them stay fit.

    So at last we come to a conclusion that clearing entrance exam is not a tough task.
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    A good thread. Very nicely explained. These days people are very worried about entrance exam results and ranks. But concentrating on our normal subject syllabus and understanding the subject will definitely help in facing all entrance examinations. As written by the author all the schools nowadays giving coaching for entrance during our regular classes. This will be a good development.
    To fare well in competitive exams we have to understand the subject properly. We have go in depth of the subject. Simply reading guides or old papers is not sufficient. We should give more time for our studies.

    This will help us in getting a good rank in exam always.

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    For a performer attempting a entrance exam is not a big issue. But it matters for others who does not care the exams at all and start preparing for entrance exams one day before. The laziness, the bad friends, and over confidence are the reasons for such kind of laxity. If a student is regular to classes and taking the notes of the teacher or lecturer. any exam can be written without any botheration. But students seldom take the notes and never ask for doubts in the class due to shyness or getting highlighted. So students are alone responsible for the lesser performance or negative performance in entrance tests. Some students are well versed in bookish knowledge but they are not having any idea about general and aptitude way of questions. When ever they are free they must reason out such questions and try to solve as much answers as they can .
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    Its not actually a big issue but if we take it lightly than it could be a big issue. Just you need to put some extra efforts on the subject you want to prepare. Mathamatics is typical subject but remember that maths is all about formula's we just need to memorize the maths formula throughly and this will help them to solve the problem faster. If your basics are clear, then methamatics should not be big issue. You have to give more time for topics on which you are not comfortable and then move on to easy topics. Practice with as many sample tests as possible. This will assist you to increase your speed and accuracy. Go through the last three or four year question papers so that you will get idea about the exam. Keep this things in mind you will definitely scored well in entrance exam.

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