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    CokeStudio & CokeStudioatmtv - which one is better & why?

    Everybody is a music lover & listens to his/her favorite music from time to time. Sometimes a person listens to music just to enjoy and sometimes listens to music to divert his/her attention from some problems.

    Among thousand & thousands of channels for music at YouTube (YT), I have subscribed to CokeStudio & CokeStudioatmtv. The reason for subscribing to those channels is that the channels have a soul-stirring music & have a mesmerizing collection of songs/gazals/quawalis. Listening to the songs... at those channels transports me to another time-frame oblivious of the present-day worries & tensions, for the time being of course.

    While listening to the music on both the channels, I started enjoying music on one of channels more than the music on the other channel. It made me wonder what was there in the music available at one of the channels which attracted me more.

    To be frank, I am still at a loss to pinpoint the reason for liking a particular channel out of the two - CokeStudio & CokeStudioatmtv. Needless to say that I do not know the ABCD or SaReGaMaPaDaNi of the music. I cannot differentiate between a guitar or a violin or a tanpura or a sitar or whatever. They all look same to me.

    Can the knowledgeable music lovers help me understand the difference between the two YT channels - CokeStudio & CokeStudioatmtv?

    A request - the views & opinions should be based on the knowledge of music & should not harbor around any kind of man-made boundaries such as a religion or a faith or a country.

    The reason for the request is the following line in a beautifulllllll Sufi song which is available on one of the channels -

    "Na-la vakhri-vakhri ae dheri thaan-thaan, Sayiyaan"

    The line in the Sufi song can be roughly translated to - do not create a divide in the name of caste, religion, faith, country or whatever!
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    When some one loves music from heart, he cannot differentiate which one is the best among the two. The author has been music lover and his choice of two channels namely CokeStudio & CokeStudioatmtv itself shows that he interested in songs, ghazals and quawalis. But frankly speaking after the advent of some good music on the television itself , I fail to visit such channels on the net. Nevertheless the author can always envisage the information from other music lovers as to whether some other music channels are available which is relaying the Sufi songs which soothes every one.
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    At MTV, frankly because that's what I watch. Well the channel has a better reach. If I'm not wrong, Cokestudio is Pakistani and the one on MTV is Indian right? I love both equally. No one can turn down Pakistan in the matter of music. It's pretty much like Unplugged right, where we get to see some live music?
    Each day is dedicated to a different artist of different genre covering the whole music kingdom. And it actually sounds better than the original version at times.
    Why do you want to rate or rank them though? Both are awesome and beautiful. But I'd say Cokestudio's got the higher grounds.

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