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    This summer eat more cucumber which has more health benefits.

    Come summer we can see so many push cart vendors are selling cucumber on the road side and we would be tempted to purchase and eat. Surely we should not miss the chance as cucumber is very important to eat during summer as it not only suffice our thirsty feeling but it also contains some good source of vitamin K, potassium, phosphorus, copper and manganese which are required for our health benefits. Some people add cucumber in salad form during lunch break and some eat that during the dinner. But we should not stop eating at least during summer season.
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    Cucumber is a good food specially in summer. Generally in lunch we have some pieces of cucumber. It will reduce our thirst. Watermelon is also a good fruit to eat in summer.

    Actually we eat more mangoes in summer. But mangoes are not very good to eat in summer. But these fruits are available in summer only. We can't stop eating mangoes. It is advisable to consume watermelon and cucumber also along with mangoes.

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    Cucumber is a great thirst quencher in summer. It is full of water and contains valuable vitamins and minerals. There are various ways to enjoy eating this but it goes well with salt or chutney or salted curd. In some parts of the country its raita (grated cucumber in spiced curd) is very popular. This can be taken in all the seasons but summer is the best time.
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    Kindly refer to my article on the subject:-
    Know the amazing medicinal values of cucumber ('kheera').
    I have discussed the medicinal values of cucumber in details.

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