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    How to turnaround your weakness into your strengths?

    Hi Friends,

    I am bringing this topic to have a fruitful discussion on "How to identify your strengths and weakness". In everybody's life, at each phase of your career you would face a lot of difficulties to overcome the challenges which is put in front of you. Certain challenges can be overcome by us, and certain cannot. At this phase, many of us will disappoint about the self on not being successful, only few will thing about the ways of identifying the strength and weakness of them by evaluating it with the situations. And few of them will be successful in finding ways to turn around there weakness into strengths.

    Likewise many of us would have faced these situations in out lives, please share it here on how you turnaround your weakness into your strengths. This will be more informative to others who still trying to find ways to turn there negatives to positives.
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    Great topic initiated for the discussion. Yes everyone has some weakness or the other and through which we might have missed the great chance to surge ahead and yet we faced the challenged situation with great guts and overcome the situation with self confidence. Please note that all the players cannot be winners. Like that every one of us cannot be winners. The way we plan, we perform and tackle the situation only depend on our outcome. During challenged situation we could not get dejected and our body language should not show to others that we have given up or withdrawing. Such confidence level will also floor the real competitor. One thing is sure when you are confident enough and moving even in difficult situation, you are destined to get a good chance next time and that is for sure.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Every person will have some strengths and some weakness. One has to identify his weakness and see how to over come. Some may be very good in guiding, some may be very good in presentation, some may be strong in communication skills. In an organisation it is a team which works than an Individual. The team members will have some strengths and some weakness. By knowing the strong points of individuals and make them to work in their strong areas will bring success to the team.

    If I know my weakness, when I make team for a task, I should see that at least one strong person in the area where I aM weak, the team will become strong.

    For career growth, one should identify his weakness and get trained in that area. Practice in that area, then it will turn to be his strong point.

    Initially days of my career I used to be very shy and not able to talk in presence of a gathering. I started reading books, making some notes. In the house when I get sometime I used to practice the speech thinking that there is a gathering before me. Then after going to office I used to have a meeting with a small group and used to talk to them about my speech and asking for their review. Slowly I got the grip and later on I have presented many papers in seminars without any problem. Now I love addressing a gathering.

    always confident

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