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    Does big thunder could cause damage to the computer devices and make it disable ?

    Today morning I was working on the computer and at 5 am there was heavy rain accompanied by lightening and thunder. Suddenly my internet connection gone but the power was on. I thought the internet disturbance was temporary. But till now the problems was not solved and I understand that at every home the internet connecting device has gone disabled or burnt and thus no internet or wifi connections. I am asking the members have they faced such block out previously and how they rectified the problem ?
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    Yes, this has happened to me. My computer blew up, during a thunderstorm. In fact, when we were in Vizag, during a storm many people's electronic items stopped working. Since, then we always unplug all devices whenever there is thunder. I mean remove the plugs from the sockets. But, yours seems to be a bigger problem, since many homes are affected.

    Complain to the service provider, and they will have it rectified if the problem is at their end. It can take a few days. If the problem is just at your residence you might have to get a new router.

    Remember to turn off and unplug all devices whenever there is thunder. Even if it is during the middle of the night.

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    Yes . It will happen. Once in Visakhapatnam there was a big rain. My brother's family went out of station. But they have not switched off their refrigerator as they will be coming back by next day morning. The refrigerator's compressor got burned. So it is always safe to unplug all electrical appliances when you are going out of station. Similarly you should make a point not to switch on any of them during thunder storm or heavy rain. Voltage fluctuations will be high during this period and will cause problem. Please un plug all the devices.

    Another point we have to take care is earthing connection to all electrical appliances. If earthing is not good also this will happen. If your house earthing is not done properly some time if you touch the house walls when they are wet you will feel shock. So always a proper earthing is necessary.

    Inform your service provider and get it rectified.

    always confident

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    Yes, big thunder will effect all electronic items not only computers. When their is big rain wires will get dissconnected and we will get disturbances in tv connection, internet etc.

    We have to turn off all electronic items and remove plugs from socket when their is big storm. Also people have make sure that earthing has done properly otherwise we will het shock when using some electronic items or when we on the switch.


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    Nowadays it is seen hat the lightning and thunder are much more than what I have sen in my younger days. The damages they cause are also, more. Electrical items are vulnerable in such situations.
    The cable TV providers always give notice to disconnect the set-top boxes during lighting and rains. It is always better to unplug and disconnect all electrical appliances during lightning and thunder. It is better to do that when the first lightning occurs or we can see that rains and lightning are coming soon.
    I had my set top box and a fan damaged once. After that as far as possible I am taking precautions and unplugging them.

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