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    Regarding payments in ISC.

    I just want to know that whether I can withdraw the amount which is there in my total earnings. Should I wait for any invoice payment list or can I download the invoice form and upload it. Please let me know the details step wise.
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    Tony sir will announce payment in first week of every month. If you are eligible for getting payment, your name will be listed in payment list then you have to upload invoice.

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    The Revenue Share Bonus is generally announced on the first day of every month. Top twenty contributors' names along with the challans are announced. They can withraw the money after announcement.
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    If your total earnings is having substantial amount and in your profile against the said amount if the "details" are visible, then you can click that page , go for the invoice , fill it up , upload and wait for the payment.
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    Hi there, well you will have to wait for the every month cash payment announcement. It is generally done on the first of every month. If it is not done by that time, you can be rest assured that by the 3rd of every month the invoices for payment will be generated. If your cc are eligible for withdrawal, you will see the invoice in your profile. To view the invoice, you will first have to click on view profile. Once you log onto your profile, you will see the tab gifts and awards. Once you click on that you will see a new invoice link uploaded there, which is the sign, that your earned cc is now eligible for payout and you will be able to withdraw your payment that month. Hope I could help.
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    The payment in ISC is very transparent. Once your earning reaches the prescribed amount (threshold), you will be eligible to get the payment. You can check your member profile. Normally first week of every month is the time when payment are released.

    The payment are directly transferred to the payment account given by member by invoice. I have been a member of this site since 2009 and have very good experience of payment related terms.

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