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    Why ISRO sometimes launches satellites from French Guiana?

    Many times, ISRO launches foreign satellites through its commercial arm. And we proudly say that ISRO is generating revenue through such satellite launches. But sometimes ISRO is launching its satellites through European Space Agency from Kourou in French Guiana. The recent example is launching of GSAT-17 by Ariane-5 from French Guiana. Whatever revenue, we generate by launching foreign satellites is again going to European Space Agency. Even though India is capable of launching big satellites, why sometimes it launches satellites from other space agencies?
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    The reason for this is non availability of sufficient facilities. When one satellite is launched, to get launching pad ready for the next launching requires some minimum time. If in between they have to do launching means they have to depend on other countries. GSLV, Mark3 is under development. Once the development is completed and ready to use the necessity of going for other countries may not arise.

    The production capacity of propellants also is a point of concern. All these days they are only making the required propellant, but recently they are trying to outsource the same. But it takes some to establish a vendor with 100% reliability and quality in private sector.
    Once these two are settled India will become self sufficient to do all activities in India.

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    What I feel that when India is launching the commercial satellites of other countries, our responsibility further increases and we are responsible for any setback or back fire. When we launch through European Space Agency from Kourou in French Guiana we are assured of getting world class launch pad, good climate and there is no question of failure. Please note that only launching was done from Guiana and the expertise of India and our Scientists contributions are intact. There may be some technical reasons for shifting the launch to Guiana and not from Shar center at Sriharikota.
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    There are a few factors involved in this.

    1. We did not and do have the expertise for launching heavy and/or certain category satellites with our rockets. We are slowly gaining experience and expertise. Till we become totally self sufficient we cannot stop our satellite launching. So we make use of other nations who do that commercial service.

    2. We would have planned our satellites launch programmes in advance and would have entered into long term contracts with the launching nations. That contract may be standing and we have to comply even though we may have got our own facility.

    3. Simultaneously when gaining experiencing and developing our own facilities we can take up commercial services for other countries whose needs could be met by us with our present expertise and facilities and at a competitive price. We may be even giving those services as mutual co-operation also.

    4. India can use its own facilities for more strategic purposes and use open commercial facilities for the more open programmes.

    5. The geographical location and the destination orbital level decide the use of fuel and cost also. The selection of launching sites is done on that count also.

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    Apart from the factors told by other members above(it is really interesting to have such threads here to get knowledge), there are other factors too like GSLV(geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle) and PSLV( polar satellite launch vehicle) .

    There is a place in TN in Tuticorin district and ISRO is considered the best site next to French Guinea, from where some Indian satellites are launched but pity is whenever development comes in this state, there will always a protest from locals(?!) and hence the initiation could not be started. This is ideal place because rocket launching should be on east coast and near equator too.

    Let us see atleast after some years(!) people understand the value of technology development. As per the experts, this place is suitable for PSLV rocket launch.

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    As far as I know, many countries including India occasionally launches satellites from French Guiana for its unique geographical location suitable for launching geo-stationary satellites. There is no other reason behind this.
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