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    Will you be able to recognise another ISC-ian if you accidentally meet him/her?

    While returning from office today, I saw a lady passenger who resembled a lady ISC-ian. Later I realised that there are some differences. However, I started thinking.

    Most of the Members of ISC are faceless. However, so far as active and regular Members are concerned, we can see the photos and tell their names. But most of the photos give side-views of the Members. Mine is an exception. It gives the clear front view. In some other cases, the faces are partially covered. Some of the photos are not updated.

    So, I feel that it would be very difficult to recognise the Members if we meet them accidentally. There is no question of recognising those Members who have not uploaded their photos. In others' case also, recognition would be virtually impossible. But I would be easily recognised because of the front view of my uploaded photo.

    Members, what do you think? Would you be able to recognise other Members of ISC if you meet them accidentally travelling beside you in public transport or in the waiting lounge of the airport?
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    Fascinating! I was thinking the same given that most ISCians are South Indians like me.
    I've seen their profiles but as you mentioned most photos are side profiled. Even mine is.
    So I don't think I'll be able to recognise a fellow ISCians after all.

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    There are a few members whose profile photo we get to see more often. Those have got imprinted in our mind. In case we get to see them somewhere we may be able to recognise them. Even if they are side pose, we may at least have a doubt.Otherwise I cannot say that I can recognise ISC members.

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    Well I doubt that we cannot recognize even those who are regular and popular at ISC on daily basis , just because photos uploaded may be old one and the member may look differently now. Unless and until we fix the appointment and meet each other, it is not possible to recognize the members. But some images of the members shared in their profiles and appearing elsewhere in the ISC pages do imprint in our mind and we can recognize if we are good observers. But what I feel that members here are not keen and good observers and hence may fail to recognize me if happen to pass through them.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    It would be difficult to recognise any ISC member if we met someone accidently.
    Since most of the members are from totally different places probablity of meeting is very less.
    However even if we do recognise a member it would be difficult to confirm since we have seen just one photo that too sometime little blury, old or side faced.
    Many photos are totally different from present age of a member and we can clearly have an idea that they are not recent by having a look at them.

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    It had happened as soon as the member Aditya Mohan joined, when I was in browsing centre and register my name, the name just above it was Aditya Mohan and for few seconds I thought whether it is same member because that browsing centre is mostly used by hostellites of the college in that area . But immediately my other thought said, Mohan being very transparent in sharing things about his kids, I could not remember sharing that his son is in the college belongs to TN, so it would be different Aditya.

    As told by author it may be difficult to recognize other member even we meet accidentally. This thought has come to many members when we are very active in ISC and there are different kind of threads shared by different members including myself in the past.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    It will be difficult to recognise a member of ISC for the reasons mentioned above. Once I happened to meet a woman in Bangalore who was a member of ISC. I went to a retirement community to spend a few days. I knew that a woman living there was once a member of ISC as she mentioned about the retirement community in one of her posts. When she mentioned about the retirement community in one of her posts, some of the members accused her of promoting that place. She immediately responded to the way her post was interpreted and left the ISC. I knew she was there but not her identity as she did not upload her photo and her real name. I happened to meet her in the mess and during our conversation, we recognised each other by our posts in ISC. I asked her about the place in the thread she raised and she gave the details of it in her post. It was a chance meeting with her and her husband. We had a nice time discussing various matters of interest. This was about a few years back.
    It will be very interesting to meet someone from ISC. Once a suggestion was floated by some of our members, to have a gathering at a common place near to them. The suggestion was not encouraged by the ISC administration for their own reasons.

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    What a nice thought! Yesterday, I was travelling in a passenger train from Bengaluru City to Hoodi. I switched on my mobile and started browsing ISC. A good lady was sitting next to me. A simple thought came in my mind. What if the lady peeps through and read my ISC postings and ask me " Hello. Are you browsing India Study channel?" Then I started my own imagination as below.

    Sun: Yes Madam. Do you know ISC?
    Lady: Yes. I joined ISC and quit ISC.
    Sun: Oh, When did you join ISC?
    Lady: Somewhere in the year 2009?
    Sun: When and why did you leave ISC?
    Lady: I was only a bronze member. Before I could become silver, I delivered a boy. Thereafter I did not login and forgot the site. Today, I happened to see you with ISC. By the by , what's your good name?
    Sun: Sun. I am a platinum member ranking 11.
    Lady: Oh! Great. How much have you earned so far?
    Sun: (I showed my profile page to her)
    Lady: Lovely.
    Sun: May I know your good name?
    Lady: Lakshmi. I am from Andhra Pradesh.
    Sun: Nice name. Do you know K Mohan?
    Lady: Yes. I remember him.
    Sun: Who else you know and remember. Can you recollect some names.
    Lady: I remember the three brothers Tony,Jose and Timmy.
    Sun; Don't you know our ME Madam Vandana?
    Lady: Yes. I remember, She was an Editor.
    Sun: She is our Managing Editor, a lovely person who manages ISC well.
    (By the time, the train reached Hoodi.) I continued my imagination.
    Sun: Okay Lakshmi, Nice meeting you. Please rejoin ISC. ISC is the best. Let us meet in the ISC Forum.
    Lady: Sure, Bye Mr. Sun. see you in the forum.

    @Alas! the lady next to me was sleeping over her handbag.

    No life without Sun

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    It is very difficult to recognise other members of the site if we meet them somewhere accidentally. The photos of members what we are seeing on the site may not be latest one. I am seeing Mr.Mohan's same photo since 2009. Like that my photo also of 9 years back. Today we may be different. Myself and Mohan stay very near by places. We talked to each other on phone once. We may meet as per the convenience. Many other people are also from Hyderabad.
    All the members staying nearby can plan and meet, if everybody is interested. I think Mr. Mohan is capable of taking that initiative.
    If there are 5 or 6 people in Hyderabad we can have a meeting .

    always confident

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    #602101 Is it true Saroja? I thought my name was rare. It would have been great if we could meet for real though.
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    Yes Aditya. In fact I was stunned and eager to meet the person registered before me but that person left and am sure he might be a student from nearer college. And why not, the world is small and if any time I happened to come to Hyderabad, surely I will give a message here as Mr.Mohan is almost present every day here. You can even chat with your father about my membership and hope from his many of the posts, he would discuss about some of my posts at home or at least Mrs. Mohan.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    As of such we cannot recognize any member suddenly on the road unless and until a conversation takes place and get to know the details. In fact I want to meet at least one performing member suddenly.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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