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    Communal problem in West Bengal

    Despite all-out effort of communal Government of West Bengal, most of the people of the country are now aware that large-scale atrocities on Hindu community are going on in Baduria, Swaroop Nagar and various other places of Basirhat sub-division of North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. The problem started with a controversial image shared by a young boy in his Facebook profile. The boy was immediately arrested, but some people of a particular community demanded killing of that boy following 'Shariat' law. Thereafter large-scale violence started against the Hindu community in the area. The police personnel were mute spectators and not even used their lathis during the violence.

    Now a new development is takeing place. The police has started arresting Hindus only who are affected. Even a 70 year old person died due to stabbing, and his son was being pressurised not to lodge FIR.

    The alarming condition has not been reached in a day. Continuous appeasement, nay encouragement of anti-social elements of a particular community has caused this problem. Earlier, in cases of Barddhaman, Kaliachak (Malda district) and Dhulagarh in Howrah, the communal State Government was more or less successful in putting the atrocities against the Hindus under the carpet, but this time they have failed.

    Members of ISC! Please let all common people know that the state of West Bengal has been going to become another Kashmir because of short-sighted blatant appeasement policy of the communal State Government and also due to the main opposition parties in the state.

    Save the state and the people of the state from the real communal elements and their political masters.
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    Yes I have been watching the development in West Bengal as regards to latest flare of violence and the CM is siding with one community which makes the majority community go for the security cover and that is not provided. Over the years the politicians have been heavily banking and cheap politics either against the Hindus or Muslims as the case may be and getting benefited in the long run. But people of the both communities are educated and have sense to adjudge who is doing all these things against their interest and thus bringing bad repute across the country. Soon President rule must be imposed to take Mamata Banerjee.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The communal riots have become a new normal in India. The communal riots anywhere in India are to be condemned. The country is polarised on religious beliefs. All the political parties are guilty of this polarisation for their political gains. It is high time the people of India come together, have a consensus and reject the political parties which are responsible for the state of affairs as they stand now. It is a fact that all the people of various religions have to live in harmony and peace. The political parties should put the interests of the country ahead of their narrow political gains.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    It is real a bad situation in West Bengal. Why the state administration is keeping mum and police is harassing innocent people. When a small issue takes place against a particular religion or community all the so called politicians come running and expresses their solidarity with those people. But the same thing happens to another religion or community, these so called Gentlemen will not utter a word and behave has if they are not aware of the situation. This is happening not once. many a times this is being observed.
    A common man will never bother about the religion or community of the neighbor. They never fight. but politicians never like it. They encourage some anti social elements and try to create some problems and get the advantage with the help of police. A very unwanted situation.
    As mentioned by K.Mohan bringing in presidential rule may be the ultimate solution for this.

    always confident

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    Dr. Rao: The condition of West Bengal is totally different. In other states, riots take place. In West Bengal, atrocities on Hindus take place in active connivance of three main parties, TMC, CPI(M) and Congress. The Bengali media don't report the news. The population percentage of a particular community has been increasing abnormally. Within 25 years, it has become more than 30% from 20%. And in this 30%, illegal Bangaldeshis from that community is not being counted.

    Condition is really very alarming, to say the least.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    What the thread has as its core is a matter of concern . The same has been voiced by many who know the real state of affairs. However certain political parties and foreign influenced media are suppressing the facts and spreading different versions and even manufactured news. Slowly more and more people are becoming aware of things happening in this country with the help of internal and external vested interests who are having their selfish agenda.

    The Bhagavat Gita words 'yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya ..' will become a reality at the right time.

    Till that time we the concerned citizen of this country should be vigilant and alert against rumours, wrong and doctored propaganda and not fall victims to sudden panic or emotional reaction. We should co-operate with the government of the country ,true and sincere law enforcing agencies and resist rumours and wrong news.

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    Update: The local MLA Dipendu Biswas (former footballer and nephew of former Kerala Sports Minister Sammukhdas) instructed Police to arrest Hindu youth, so that Hindus can't resist the next attack. Many Hindus have been arrested. However, due to very strong protest of people, Dipendu Biswas later fled from the area.

    Update: A 65 year old man, Kartik Ghosh was killed by 'peaceful people' of the locality. His deadbody was not allowed to be brought back to his residence. His son was prevented to lodge written complaint by the ruling party goons.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Very disturbing to read the latest updates from the author which suggests that total law and order break down in West Bengal. By siding with one section of the society the government cannot ran away from the responsibility of safeguarding the lives and properties of majority community. Arrogant West Bengal CM who seems to be unilateral in her decisions and wont even heed to the advises of her administration, clearly needs to be tamed. I have already expressed by desire to have the President rule and the governor of West Bengal already sent report to the Center. Sooner and alter WB will be under President rule and that is for sure.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Now the Basirhat and Baduria are apparently normal. The Hon'ble Chief Minister has been blaming the Central Government. However, the problem has re-surfaced in the hill region of West Bengal. In this case, Mamata Govt, hasn't hesitated to open fire on the agitating Gorkhas.

    This is called vote-bank politics.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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