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    Let us remember Captain Vikram Batra on his martyrdom day

    Captain Vikram Batra of 13 JAK Rif was nicknamed 'Sher Shah' by his enemies. They were forced to acknowledge the bravery, courage, fellow-feeling and dare-devilry of this Palampur-born great soldier of India. He was instrumental in capturing Point 5140. After this battle , he famously said: "Yeh Dil Mange More". This became the buzzword of every young man of the country.

    On 7th July, 1999, at the time of capturing Point 4875, Captain Batra was griveously injured, but he never left his job unfinished. He left the mortal world only after thwarting the enemy counter-attack to dislodge Indian position.

    He received Param Veer Chakra posthumously.

    On 7th July, 2017, let us pay our respect to this great soldier of the country.

    [P.S: I am deeply pained when on this 7th July, I never see any discussion on Captain Vikram Batra. Instead media-personalities are busy discussing tech-savy, AK-47 trotting, womaniser, separtist Burhan Wani, who was killed by the security force on 7th July, 2016, when he attacked the soldiers with grenades.]
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    My heartfelt respect to remember Captain Vikaram Batra who left us on 7th July 1999 and was posthumously awarded the Param Veer Chakra. Some of our greats in armed forces have done their job in silence and their work for the security of the country always speaks about their success even though they have given their life long back. But it is the pity situation that the National media wont take up such issues of bravery being displayed by some gallantry officers in armed forces such as Captain Vikaram Batra. I think the Indian Defence Ministry official spokesman should send advance information with images of the officers who laid their life for the country on a particular day in the past so that , the news can be carried on the National channels. As of now our so called National channels does not maintain the archive of valor in the Defence department.
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    My Salute to the great soldier who laid down his life for the Country and attained martyrdom!
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    My respects to Captain Vikaram Batra who died for the cause of our country us on 7th July 1999 and got posthumously the Param Veer Chakra. Today we are all sitting safe with the sacrifices made by people like him to safeguard the country. We should remember their bravery and always respect them for their sacrifice.
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