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    Those who talk more, are they really suppressing our rights to express and put forth our views ?

    In our daily life we confront some persons we keep on talking and stressing their view point and never heed to our suggestions or our right of expression. By doing so they simply hijack the matter or issues which will never find a real solution. This can even be found in the National media. The channels rake up a issue, bring panelists live on the television and then the moderator would never allow the person who wants to put forth his views. How to tackle such kind of mentality persons ? Do you have any remedy to tame them ?
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    Frankly speaking people should be aloted time to speak and during their time no one should interfere. By interfering we make the speaker confused and he may also deviate from his track. This is unfortunate that there is no discipline in the panel discussion and the participants try to overshadow each other by snatching others opportunity to speak.

    Until unless sense of discipline and decency is there in such group discussions nothing fruiful will emerge and these will be futile exercises on the stage or in front of the public seeing it on TV.

    If you remember we had debate competition in our school time and the participant was asked to speak for say 5-10 minutes and there was silence in the auditoriun. When every one has completed their turn then only judges ir moderators came into picture. That type of discipline is required for noiseless and fightless panel discussions.

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    In my opinion seeing this kind of panel discussions on regional news channels is a waste of time. The anchor always try to dominate the speakers. Speakers will focus more on their telling rather than hearing what others say. All local leaders will be coming to this programes. There is no clarity in what they say and I think speakers also don't know what they are speaking.
    Many times the discussion will go on side track and the moderator can't do anything except abruptly stopping the discussion.
    Why to talk about TV shows? We are all seeing on TV the assembly proceedings and Parliament proceedings. Do you think some thing useful is going on there.
    In a correct debate people should hear the point of the other person. If he thinks that is differing he should speak on that when his time comes. But it will never happen. Another problem is all channels are having their own political affiliations. So they drive the speakers to round up the debate to their affiliations.
    Unless some discipline has been brought in, all these discussion are only for time pass.

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    We come across many such people in our daily life also.
    Some of them talk more just by habit and not with any selfish intentions. They just do not know when and where to stop. But there are others who do so with selfish intention. Such persons consciously grab and usurp every opportunity for themselves and do not allow others to make use of the opportunity. They only want to shine always.They would like others to be in their shadow only.But people soon come to be aware of this and just escape from them.

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    You can't tame these kind of people; in fact, you can't tame anyone. It is not easy to change the instinctive reaction of a person to a particular situation. However, it is possible to tackle this kind of situation. I feel, whenever you are involved in such a discussion where a person is not letting others to speak, you must let him speak and listen carefully. You should remain calm and wait for the opportunity and when you get one you must give an apt and befitting response without deviating from the original topic. It is true that this person won't listen to your point but there will be other people listening to the discussion. If your point of view is right then people will agree to it; there is no need to convince that person, just give your opinion.
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    You are correct, such people do not allow others to speak or express their views though it is necessary in sometimes. It makes them to think that they are always right as the other person do not offer any view or reply. But generally speaking to that type also there should be a separate capacity to get as it is not possible to one to speak like this. A joke :
    Boy 1: My mother is genius, She will talk for one hour on a topic given without any preparation
    Boy 2: My mother is more genius as she can speak for one hour continuously without any topic

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