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    Which forum footer looks better?

    We all have one right? Our forum footers are a symbol of our thoughts. We either carefully choose them or choose them because we like them. Now it's time for you to vote for your favorite forum footer than you've seen until now. You can nominate your own footer too.
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    I have my own self created forum footer that I liked and placed there. Members can have a good view at it, and also vote for it if they like it.
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    My present forum-footer aptly describes me. It was written by me. My earlier forum-footer was a quote which correctly depicted my attitude towards physical exercise. I chose my forum-footer(s) after lot of introspection. So, I like my own forum-footer most.
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    Forum footers cannot be suggested nor copied. It comes from the thought and creative idea of respective members and good forum footer always showcase the personality of the member.
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    Forum footers are the choices of the individual. Generally we are deciding on some thing which we think as the best. So definitely one will like his own forum footer. So I feel that mine is the best. Others think that their footer is the best. I think if we want we can change the forum footer.
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