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    Mr. Master or Master-ji-which one is appropriate?

    All the active Members of ISC know that I address the Members as Mr., Ms. or Dr, whichever is appropriate. In addition to the above three forms of salutations in English, I also think that we can use Mrs., Miss and Master. Now if a Member's ISC name is Master, then how should I call him/her? Assuming that 'Master' is male, is it okay to address him as Mr. Master? Would it be grammatically correct? Wouldn't others consider it ridiculous or laughable?

    So, why don't bring Hindi into picture? In Delhi and other Hindi-speaking states, people use 'Ji' after the name of a person. Both male and female can be adressed as 'Ji'. So, without using Mr. Master or Ms. Master, can I address the concerned Member as Master-Ji?

    I hope the Managing Editor and other Members (including Master-Ji) won't mind my respectful salutation!
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    Which one is appropriate - neither!

    I will never address anyone who uses such a ludicrous name, by the name. I would use the post number to address or respond to the member.

    This is an absolute mockery of the system and the freedom that is allowed to members and I do not want to endorse it, by acknowledging a name that is nothing but absurd, to put it mildly. This is stupidity at its best, and I do not want to be part of it.

    The thing is some people thrive on attention, and can go to any extent to get that attention. This is but an attention seeking ploy, nothing else.

    You ask if it is ridiculous and laughable. I say yes to that. Such a name does not deserve such an honour or such show of respect. We should not even be discussing this, as it only goes to boost people's sagging ego.

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    I think one would prefer to have a different opinion if he understands the intention of the member behind selecting this particular word as his ID. I do not want to explain any further.

    By the by, should we be discussing it as a different thread when a thread on the topic is already active? We will have to look into it.

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    Mr. Ganesh: Which Member has discussed the form of address in any other thread? Don't you realise that the problem is unique as the name of the Member is unique?
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    As ususal, why are you in a hurry to say this with an intention to lock this thread. I think, the author has raised a good question. Let the members post their views/suggestions/recommendations as to how to address the member Master. You also should post your answer rather than questioning the author.

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    As our members are in a great dilemma as to how to address the member Master, I have changed my profile name as "Master Sun" to ease the addressing of the member.

    Hope our members will have a good time with Master Sun.

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    Even after latest round of name change, I would stick to Master-ji. This is my personal decision and I have read in MBA classes that every decision is good provided you stick to it.
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    Partha Kansabanik,
    I don't mind you addressing me as Master/ Mr. Master/Sun/Mr. Sun/Master ji/Master Sun ji/Sun ji. Just ensure to have some love from your good heart added to my simple name.

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    Question asked in the thread has been answered by the person to whom it was put. End of discussion. Please do not raise any more threads on this silly topic.
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