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    Choosing a college based on details through web counselling. Will that guarantee quality education ?

    Now a days most the admissions to higher education are held on line and through web counselling process which is a nice practice as parents and student together can spend time and decide the right college to be chosen for the purpose. But what is my doubt is that we are going by the name of the college on the list and not aware of the real facts about the college. In a hurry and based on more availability of seats, we are bound to apply to those colleges for which we have the chance to get our seat. How can we be assured of quality education just by list of colleges ?
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    Generally students will enquire about the college before they opt for that college. Some student Organisations are printing a small booklet giving about the college and they are give ranking for the colleges also. Similarly we can know from that booklet for which rank what colleges as per the previous years statistics. What I have done before admitting my sons in Engineering, I visited three or four colleges where my son stands a chance. I interacted with old students and teaching staff. Basing on the collected information when we have gone for web counselling we have opted the college what we felt better. Same excersise we have done for our second son also please note that both my sons come out with distinction and a job from campus interviews from the college. I think many people will follow the same course. General concept is older the college, better the facilities. Better the facilities better the education. Better the education better the chances of campus postings.
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    What I heard from many students that the college buildings may look big and attract with big advertisements but when it comes to faculty and teaching it is substandard ?
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