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    Water consumption in excess leads to danger in our health

    We are advised by doctors and many friends to consume water in plenty. But doctors are telling that the over consumption also bad to our health as the excess water gives over work to our kidney which ends in kidney damage soon. A chart is given below is depicting the level of water consumption by one on one day according to our weight of the body.
    Body Weight in kilograms Quantity of water to be consumed
    45 1.9 Liters
    50 2.1
    55 2.3
    60 2.5
    65 2.7
    70 2.9
    75 3.2
    80 3.5
    85 3.7
    90 3.9
    95 4.1
    100 4.3
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    Ramachandra Pattabhiraman,
    Agreed. Is it only plain water or the water in any liquid form like coffee, tea, cool/soft drinks like cocacola, 7up, sprite, goldspot, and wines/liquor like Rum, Brandy,Whiskey. Gin, Vodka, and Beer.

    Morethan plain water, I consume lot of tea, coffee, soft drinks and liquor. Is it a healthy practice or harmful to our health?

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    Ramachandran Pattabiraman,

    You post a lot of informative threads related to health. However, it is advisable that, when presenting them, provide some authoritative sources of it. For example, who exactly has made this chart which you have posted here?

    As for the topic of this thread - anything consumed in excess or taken without proper medical advice is harmful to health, be it medication or following a diet or the right amount of water. Merely going by some stats can create worse problems, since those creating such stats, even if based on research, may not have considered some health issue which is specific to you.

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    Too much is never advisable in any way. It is either water. Tea, coffee or cool drinks. But the question is how much is too much. In this thread the author has given some maximum limits to drink water in a day. Good information. But I want to know whether there are any minimum limits. So far doctors all advise to consume adequate water but no one revealed about the exact quantity. If we take less water also many disadvantages are there. So always we should gor adequate quantity.
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    As experienced, we cannot consume more than the adequate water than required. Once consumed, our system won't allow it, and we will be vomiting it out.
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    For that matter our body wont accept anything which is extreme and extra. I do appreciate that the author has given the elaborate list of how much content of water has to be taken commensurate with the body weight. It is the simple logic that we can drink so much water which can get filled to our stomach and when ever we feel the stomach is filled , we may not think of having more at least for some hours. But what I noticed that those who drink water, they also go for the nature call soon and thus that proves good digestion in our body which is the good sign that all the parameters in the body are safe and working. What I suggest never drink the water for the sake of it. Drink the water when you actually need it. Drink one bottle of water early in the morning which shall clean your body and relieve from all the waste of yesterday intake. So further water we may not require.
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    Too much of even ambrosia kills. Water, according to experts, must be atleast 3 litres per day, in a person's diet.
    If speaking in glasses, 8 glasses. Because all the biological processes, end up in evolving water, so the material balance will be the same. Human body is made up of 70% water.
    So in order to maintain the equilibrium of water in body, 3 liters sounds correct and perfect.
    According to your chart it coincides with my weight too. So I think I'm justifying my body.

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