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    Health benefits of curd

    In many places of south India, there is no lunch ends without curd or buttermilk. The use of curd is high and it helps much to our body to keep healthy in the following ways:
    • It is getting digested easily about 91% in an hour of consumption whereas the milk is 32% in an hour of consumption.
    • The content of Lactobacilli in curd induces the digestive power and cures the stomach disorders.
    • Stomach pains and related issues can be cured by taking the fenugreek soaked in curd overnight.
    • To get cooled in our stomach when taking biriyani type foods only the curd mixed with onion is served in many places
    • Ladies at menopause stage can consume curd in a good quantity as it gives a good level of calcium
    • A handful curd can be applied in the head/scalp while bathing gives a good volume of sleeping
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    Curd is used by almost all societies in one form or other. It is one of the common side items with indian main course food items. Due to its multiple qualities for inducing good health and soft digestion it has been a choice food for many.

    The author of the thread has very nicely brought out its benefits. There are many variations in which this is taken with food. In Gujrat it is squeezed to make srikhand while in North India the most common form is raita. The expert cooks prepare delicacies with curd which are liked all over the globe.

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    Ramachandran Pattabhiraman,
    Quite interesting. No meal is complete without the curd or buttermilk or lassie, especially the lunch. But there is a belief that we should not take curd at night along with the dinner. Is it right? If right, what could be the reason behind it?

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    Thanks Mr Sun, Avoiding curd is not in nights is because of the digestion is poor for curd but the buttermilk is good in nights.

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    There has been an earlier discussion on eating curd at night .
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    Ramachandran Pattabhiraman,
    In your message, you have said that the curd get digested 91 percent while the milk is only 32 percent. How do you contradict your own statement with the curd digestion if taken at night?

    Are you sure of 91 and 32?

    @ Vandana: You are right. I am aware as I was the author. This is to elucidate the information regarding curd and its digestion rate of 91 percent. There shouln't be any restriction to discuss the issues repeatedly. Through repeated discussions, we can extract more and more information.

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    Many people believe and my experience also says buttermilk is much better than curd. In South India it I was a practice in earlier days house wife used to get up early and after her bath, the first work is to convert curd to buttermilk by adding some water to curd and stirring it with wooden stirrer in village the people who used to have many cows and Buffaloes used to have a big wooden stirrer arranged to a wall and is used for separating cheese from curd and make the curd into buttermilk. Buttermilk mixed with rice along with a pinch of pickle tastes good. Generally this will be the last item in the lunch or dinner.
    Buttermilk mixed with a little salt will be good for reducing body heat. For good digestion also buttermilk is very good. We will feel our lunch is incomplete if we miss buttermilk or curd rice at the end of the lunch.

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