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    ISC Bigg Boss - Volunteers required

    I am planning to conduct an ISC BIGG BOSS competition in this forum section. I require volunteer members to participate in the interesting contest. A minimum of 9 (nine) members are required to plan and finalise my programme.

    Kindly intimate your willingness to participate. The detailed instructions will be given after obtaining the names of volunteer participants.

    @ A simple and general outline of the Bigg Boss game.
    1. Members will be expected to write - Short stories, small rhymes, small song, simple jokes, recipes, advertising captions, Letter writing, ISC thoughts, General knowledge/quiz,
    2. These will be graded and voted by the other member participants. In addition, other members also will be invited to post their votes. Grading and voting secrecy will be maintained by me.
    3. My e- mail ID will be used for grading and voting.
    4. The duration of the game will be 10 days (extendable).
    5. One member (scoring less points) will be eliminated each day as recommended by the other members.
    6. The last member who stands with no elimination will be the BIGG BOSS of ISC.

    More detailed instructions will be announced after receiving the names of volunteer members.
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    Mr. Master Sun, you can choose any nine and inform the names so that they will become volunteers. If my name is also there in the list, I have no objection. But it is better if you select or reveal the details of the competition. Once you release the details then people will volunteer I think.
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    Sorry Dr. Rao. I have bitter experience of nominating members of my choice. It back fired, and I had to face lot of criticisms from the members who don't like me. I will be happy if more members like you come forward as volunteers. It will not be worth announcing the details of competition now and face the nil participants. Only fun can be expected from Master Sun. Nothing to fear or worry about the Bigg Boss. It will be interesting.

    Select list
    1. Dr. NV Srinivas Rao.
    9...... ?

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    I agree with Dr. Rao. Any activity conducted for members should be clear at the outset only as to what it involves. The organizer cannot expect members to volunteer for some vague activity of which nothing at all is known. It would also help the admin to decide whether or not it is suitable if you give some general outline at least.
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    Vandana and my dear fellow ISCian,
    I have complied with Vandana's instruction. I have updated my thread summary by giving a simple general outline of the Bigg Boss game. Hope members will read and understand, and show their willingness to participate.

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    I would like to be a part of this game.

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    Would be very nice to have Padmini in the Bigg Boss team. But I doubt. will the team grow fine to reach nine at this rate of interest?

    1. Dr. NV Srinivasa Rao
    2. Padmini

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    We have been having some discussions about this contest. The organizer of the contest is instructed to conduct it in the open forum. All entries and other aspects must be here only, not via email communications. Then only this contest will be allowed.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Okay, Let me think it over to conduct it in the open forum. I need time. This thread may be locked.

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